The economic and social failures of Communism and Capitalism


There was a meme that went around a while ago, it showed an image of a boy at a school science fair with a stand that said “How much saw dust can you put in a breakfast cereal before someone notices”.

It was a perfect metaphor for the failures the economic and social failures of Communism and Capitalism simultaneously.

Communism is so inefficient that eventually the state has to find supplementary ways to appear to still do its job in providing “free food” to the people, as all “Equality” concepts are always part of a downward (Death) force that leads people towards the lowest common denominator, until the society is eventually finally equal in the mud and the whole world will look like Haiti where they eat “mud cookies” to pretend they are eating food.

Capitalism is so efficient that it forgets its morality and purpose, it loses sight of the big picture and becomes self serving and purely “profits driven”. It is a soulless endeavour that would put sawdust in its cereal to make more money and it operates in a way where it will do anything it can “within the law” to make money, and when it as a system is powerful enough it begins controlling laws so that it can make more money. (Political lobbying, or better described as systematic/Institutional bribery/corruption).

In Australia we had two “sawdust in the cereal” situations over the last couple years.

Permeate” in the Milk, and some form of “filler” in the Honey.

The big corporations that have enslaved Australian dairy farmers began a process of diluting about 20% of our milk with some tasteless empty filler that was cheaper to produce than milk but not as obvious as water.

The “Honey” was brought in from China and put on the shelves in Australia as “Honey” when in some cases it contained 0% actual Honey and was a sweet filler instead.

When people eventually found out, these brands lost some reputation, they were embarrassed a bit but just spent some money fixing their PR, and they may have even been fined a little bit of money, I would have to check.

Under Fascism, an investigation would occur, and the highest ranking person within these businesses that knew about this process or ordered this process would be put up against a wall and shot.

See Fascism/National Socialism is really simple economically, it has these really simple laws that everyone can follow. I will even write them out verbatim in this post they are that short:

  • You can make as much money as you want, but do not make a product or provide a service that damages the environment, the national security, the national health or the spiritual health of the people.
  • And if you have made lots of money from your people, be a good bloke and pay it forward, pay a decent share in taxes, help build the infrastructure, the schools, help make things become better so that the “common man” doesn’t have to fund these things as much, then he should have a bit more in his pocket to buy what ever product or service it is you make, so you make more money and the cycle continues and everyone wins.

Don’t be a cunt basically.

We promote self interest, but not at the expense of communal interest.

Its really simple, don’t act like a fucking Jew, have some Honour and act like an Aryan.

Or you get thrown in the bog.

Originally published on November 1, 2020 by Thomas Sewell on Telegram.