Journalists are public enemy number 1


From The Other McCain, a report that journalists at a press conference in Minnesota wildly objected to the police chief’s use of the word riot to describe the behaviour of certain groups of individuals who had taken to lobbing large chunks of concrete in the general direction of bystanders, police and numerous pieces of private property. The term riot is obviously appropriate and accurate based on the footage of the events. And when you consider that the business of journalism is to report on events using common vocabulary as a communication tool, then the outraged objections of these journalists to correct word usage is particularly illuminating.

Many of us have known or at least suspected for some time that the noble art of the press is not so noble anymore, and that the only sanctity that pervades that institution is an inviolability towards the freedom to select ones’ own personal pronouns. But with Trump’s hijacking of the US presidency, journalists used that shocking upturning of their system to cast aside the very thin veneer of impartiality that they had previously retained as a sop to a time when the West’s collective institutions still had some degree of authenticity.

Major news networks such as CNN openly campaigned against the sitting president in the last election. News networks have always preferred one candidate over another, but the brazenness displayed in this case far exceeded such preferences in the past. In addition, unlike in the past when news organisations would be more or less evenly split between supporting each political side of the coin, the last four years have shown an almost partisan support for the Left by both news organisations as entities and the journalists that staff them. In some cases it was almost as if the staff were dictating to the organisation which political line it should take and how far it should go.

Now there is no doubt.

In the video tweeted by the Washington Examiner Monday, one reporter exclaims, “There was no riot.” Another shouts “Don’t do that!” Multiple other reporters joined in with those objecting to the word “riot.”

Journalism is no longer a career for aspiring writers or broadcasters. Instead, it is the best entry point for commoners who wish to ascend the globalist totem pole of the religion of Woke and perhaps grab their place at the far end corner of the table of the elite. As such, journalists are in an internal battle to outdo their colleagues and rivals for the few available places. The reporters objecting to the terminology used by the public official are frantically signaling their own virtue so as not to be seen as being not sufficiently fanatical. This behaviour is not for the public’s supposed benefit, but rather for their own. These people don’t just have an agenda; they are consumed with the desperate urgency to not be usurped by their rivals.

It is similar to the story from the Soviet Union of the applause for the Great Leader Stalin at a local town meeting going on for an inordinate length of time until finally the senior official dared to call for a stop, only for him to be carted off to the gulag the very next morning. Only this time, it is journalists who are both dictating the frantic onslaught of globalist propaganda, while simultaneously denouncing all around them; public officials, their own colleagues and the general public.

Propaganda in the form of journalism has always been suspect and the informed citizen would have been wise to look at every story with a great deal of caution. Vox Day has consistently warned of the danger of communicating with the press, no matter what sweet assurances they whisper in the ear of their naive target. But as bad as we thought the situation was, the reality is far worse. These people are evil fanatics who will do anything to achieve their individual goal of ascending to the ranks of the globalist elite. And as such, they are the perfect tool for the same elite to help them to achieve their new world order great reset aims.

Journalists must be shunned for the public lepers that they are. Even the faintest whiff of adherence to wokeness must damn them. Their words are not just lies, but pure poison. They seek our physical and spiritual destruction for their own worldly elevation. They are the greatest foot soldiers of Satan that inhabit the world today. But they are also useful to us. Because of their unquestionable loyalty to the regime, they are accurate barometers for gauging the true nature of a situation. In other words, because they consistently seek to deceive then one of the best methods for approaching the truth is with this knowledge in mind.

But this should be done in a moderate manner. It is enough to know, for instance, that CNN is now actively engaged in promoting the climate change agenda. No other investigation is required to understand that climate change is a fraud. What I am trying to say is that you should avoid any consumption of their product. Its baseness is on a level with pornography. Demons inhabit their words and direct their actions. Withdrawing from their control not only keeps you safe but it frees your mind and spirit to seek out information that is better suited to your time.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.