Gang Rape Victim Supports Thomas Sewell’s Principled Stance on Gang Rapists


A few days ago Thomas Sewell did a livestream with the guys from Patriotic Talk, linked with Patriotic Alternative in Great Britain. The subject turned to the Pakistani Rape Gangs which have terrorised the country, raping tens of thousands of White, Anglo Saxon girls, generally between the ages of 11-17.

This mass rape of Britain’s children has been allowed to continue for decades because the police, the justice system, the government and the media all had an interest in keeping the story out of the limelight.

Because racism.

Because racism, thousands of Pakistani men were allowed to keep gang raping tens of thousands of British girls and anybody who brought up the issue would find the full force of the law directed at them, not at the rapists.

Are you angry just thinking about it? Good. Here’s what Sewell had to say on the matter:

Thomas Sewell argues that the gang rapists should be treated in kind, ie that they should be raped. Note that Sewell is not calling for violence, simply for legally sanctioned justice.

Once a nationalist government is established in Great Britain, he suggests that those proved to have been involved in the gang rapes of British girls, whether they were the rapists or anybody who covered up the mass rapes, should simply have punishment meted out to them in kind. Furthermore he argues that any person proven to have been involved in this crime against humanity should be pursued for the rest of their lives and justice meted out regardless of whether or not they are elderly by the time justice catches them.

None of this is controversial. Here in Australia the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse caught up abusers and those who covered for the abusers alike. Germans accused of involvement in the so-called “holocaust” have been hunted down all over the world, regardless of their age. Israel has even kidnapped, tortured and executed Germans it accused of so-called “war crimes”.

Neither is the concept of “rape for rape” foreign to Western culture. For example, many people will say, in reference to a particularly heinous convicted criminal, that they “hope he gets raped in prison”, and most people have at least heard somebody else say it. A few years ago, a revenge rape was depicted on hit series Game of Thrones:

Understanding this scene in context, many viewers would have sided with Cersei, not Septa Unella.

It is an ironic indictment on the police state that is modern day clownworld Great Britain that the guys from Patriotic Talk have had to pull the stream, and they have asked Sewell not to post it either. This has all been agreed to amicably by both parties. The country which produced the downright degeneracy that was Game of Thrones actively persecutes anybody who makes a fuss about the fact that tens of thousands of its girls were mass raped by foreigners.

This is because the sole remaining purpose of the British state is to replace its own people, and anything that might stir up the resistance of its native stock is, you know, racist.

As it turns out, a victim of the mass rapes has spoken out in support of Thomas Sewell. She calls him a hero:

“Oh my goodness, that man is a hero. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, that is a true hero. Now some of may think that he goes too far, but as a victim of the muslim pedophile rapist gangs that was trafficked, abused and tortured, and sold as a sex slave, who went to our police for help and got nothing but persecution, was beaten, stripped, tortured by our constabulary in an effort to cause me psychological distress and a reaction so that they could then discredit me, and bring malicious falsehoods and malicious prosecutions against me and not give me justice at all, he does not go too far.

“People are just not going far enough for us. As one of the victims who has been subjected to these genocidal actions, that man is a hero. He’s not going too far at all. He is a fucking hero, I wish there was more men like him. If there was more men like him kids wouldn’t still be getting raped in this country for being white today.

“It’s time more men got a backbone and some balls and did something about it.”

She’s right. A genocide is being carried out against the British people. The Pakistani rape gangs are the proxies of the British establishment in its quest to destroy the British people.

We need more men like Thomas Sewell.