Harry the Hostage


The XYZ got in early a few weeks ago on the overly publicised Oprah interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

BREAKING: Megan and Harry announce open relationship

There is only so much you can lampoon the way the press deliberately put Meghan’s name before that of the Prince into whose family she actually married.

As usual, The XYZ was spot on the mark.

The Hostage. He keeps playing with his ring.

People may wonder what on Earth happened to Harry. He used to be cool.

But now he’s a cuck. My theory is that he rightly blames the royal family for his mother’s death and is understandably trying to get them back. It is also highly likely that he is the victim of satanic rituals, given he is a member of the elite. The problem for him now is that he has jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. It is clear that the part african Meghan is a lying witch.

Meghan knows how to play the race card, and she plays it well.

All of this was predicted of course several years ago by Adam Piggott.

Tar baby

This is where I see an upside. Most members of the elite keep their mouths shut because they have too much to lose. However, Harry is systematically losing everything that makes him who he is – his family, his race, his masculinity, his own identity as a human being – and he is being humiliated in front of the entire world in the process. What happens if Harry has nothing left to lose?

In the poorly labelled satire I wrote on the Meghan and Harry, I made a point at the end which I believe is 100% accurate and the truth:

“This actually has absolutely nothing to do with sex and everything to do with humiliation rituals and ritual magic. Although the Royal Family is itself decrepit, incestuous and has done nothing to prevent the near total invasion of Great Britain, it still represents Great Britain, the British people and what Britannia used to be.

“What we do to Harry and the Royal Family, we do to England. We miscegenate the Royal Family, we misceginate England. We cut Harry off from his family, we cut England off from its historical, cultural and genetic roots. We cuck Harry, we cuck England. We fuck Harry up the arse, we fuck England up the arse.

“Basically we are trying to degrade and humiliate Harry to the point where he either kills himself, or slaughters his enemies it an unprecedented burst of righteous anger. The tension as to which way it will go is almost killing me. I hope it lasts.”

The pent up rage of the entire Aryan race is epitomised, is symbolised, by Prince Harry. He is our avatar.

Which way will he go?