Racist anti-lockdown protesters at Melbourne Park burn cross, lynch 3 negroes

Look at them. They’re all White. Seriously I can’t even.

Thousands of White Supremacists have descended on the Melbourne Park sports complex this evening to protest the snap, 5 day lockdown which Premier Daniel Andrews announced earlier today. 13 people have tested positive to the coronavirus in Victoria so we have to stop everything so we can flatten the curve and stop the spread and end White privilege and kill Hitler again.

Protesters brandish antisemitic banners at Melbourne Park.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, the nazis “took over” the precinct and harassed patrons with bizarre misinformation and dangerous conspiracy theories. In the footage below the rioters can be seen burning a cross.

Wait, that’s not it. We’ll have to chase that one up. Anyway, They also lynched three black people. Sadly, Serena Williams is believed to be still at large. She later claimed she thought she was going to die as she was locked safely in her tenth floor apartment several blocks away. She has been inundated with messages of support on social media.

Okay, that wasn’t it. Bit this video shows a speaker claiming that the jews faked the holocaust so they can guilt trip White people into giving away everything our ancestors built over the course of millennia.

I don’t get it at all. This looks like ordinary people. This looks like normies, and not just a handful of them. This is thousands of people.

With banners, chants, and speakers. Like it is some kind of organised resistance to the tyranny overrunning Victoria as people become more and more desperate, as they realise the lockdowns will never end unless we rise up together and overthrow our foreign oppressors and the traitors in our midst.