Expect a lot more Grampians


Far left foreign women Anne Aly and Kristina Keneally have been so triggered by a bunch of White Aussie guys hiking that they have caused a whole lot of squawking on the floor of the upper house of Australia’s parliament.

There is no need to debunk this gibberish line by line, but it is worth focusing on the first (a) (iii) for a moment. The Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Michael McCormack, did indeed draw a false equivalence between the Glorious Storming of the Capitol and the black Lives Matter terrorist group.

The Glorious Storming of the Capitol was a legitimate assault against the illegitimate Regime which has stolen the 2020 US Presidential Election from Donald Trump and thus stolen the election from the American people. This Regime stands directly opposed to the principles on which America was founded, to the values of the American people, and is ruled over by the racial enemies of the American people. Many reasonable and sane Americans, and observers across the globe, assumed the Glorious Storming of the Capitol was President Trump’s first move to mobilise his formidable support amongst the majority of Real Americans to remove the illegitimate Regime from power through the use of force, after all democratic options had been blocked. The Glorious Storming of the Capitol thus represented the last hope for democracy in America and the last gasp of the American Republic.

black Lives Matter is a terrorist group founded by communist terrorists and funded by jews. It is responsible for an unprecedented wave of riots, property damage, looting and murder across America in 2020. Americans who have attempted to defend themselves against this terrorist violence have been defamed by the Lying Press and railroaded by the corrupt courts. bLM serves as a tacit paramilitary wing of the anti-White Regime which now rules America. It controls the physical public space through the use of brute force, intimidates White Americans into a state of constant retreat and subservience, and gaslights many White Americans into believing that it is somehow their own fault.

Thus there is no comparison between the Glorious Storming of the Capitol and the black Lives Matter terrorist group.

The bill as it currently stands has been amended:

It is simply worth noting that although the language may appear to be watered down and now “condemns” “extremists” on both the left and right, it still inaccurately defines Australia as being “multicultural” and “multiracial”. Although the demographics of the people occupying Australia are currently “multiracial”, this is the antithesis of what Australia was intended to be upon its federation. Australia was founded as the homeland of the White, Anglo, Celtic and Saxon subjects of the British Empire. The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was the policy intended to maintain this homeland. Jews and their liberal hacks worked for half a century to undo this policy, and in 2021 this subversion is leading to increasingly disastrous results.

Meanwhile, NSN has responded to the circus on their Telegram channel:

Over the last two days, we have seen senators tripping over each other to demand that something be done about the horrible, hiking White supremacists. The Greens claim that our camping trip was a “revolting gathering of extremist hatred” which poses “an existential threat”. Labor claims that we “caused fear amongst communities”, and wants the government to “combat” us. Meanwhile, the Coalition apparently believes that we’re some unholy National-Bolshevik-Anarchist mashup that they read about in The Australian.

This incoherent screeching by our supposed leaders is an immensely hopeful sign. If they’re that scared of forty White men acting outside master’s orders, imagine how much of a psychological blow could be dealt if we had double that amount. Publicly defying the enemy does have an impact—a big one. The scum at the top who’ve heard nothing but how much White Australians love multiculturalism and degeneracy are finally learning that it might not be the case, and in their hysterical panic, they’ve revealed just how weak their position really is.

Here’s a tip for senators Faruqi and Keneally: banning National Socialist Network won’t fix the mess you’ve turned this once great country into, and it won’t turn National Socialists into good little White slaves again. We’re not going to go back to subsidising our own demographic replacement while marking a ballot every three years in the hope that something might change. Every month brings more White men to our side and into our ranks, as the damage that your clique has done to our country becomes more and more difficult to hide.

Expect a lot more Grampians to come.

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