Two axioms of the newspaper business are:

  • Most people only read the headlines.
  • Words matter.

One word matters a great deal in this ABC headline, published yesterday, Thursday July 6, 2023.

In France, Arab and Africans are currently engaged in a race war against the French people.

The looting is out of control. They are stealing busses, cars, trucks and emergency vehicles and burning them, and using them to do smash and grabs. They are using fireworks as artillery, they are stealing automatic weapons. They are burning down supermarkets and libraries.

That is just a snippet. You can find excellent summaries of the race riots here, here, here and here.

Arabs and Africans are taking over large swathes of French suburbs. Nobody knows how many people they have killed because it is too dangerous for journalists to find out. Even if they did they wouldn’t tell us the truth because they are trying to present this as a mostly peaceful protest against the killing of the French George Floyd.

Therefore, the current race riots in France are not over the raising of the pension age. The current race riots were initiated by the American government to punish the French government for being insufficiently enthusiastic about its involvement in World War III.

There were French riots over the raising of the pension age, earlier this year. In the fourth paragraph of its article, the ABC does acknowledge this:

Since Saturday, Australians have been required to wait until the age of 67 until they can get the age pension.

The original so-called “retirement age” of 65 for men dated back to 1909.

Women had their pension age lifted from 60 to 65 between 1995 and 2013. And all Australians have had it lifted in stages from July 2017, in a process that ended on July 1, 2023.

It has happened with little protest — a stark contrast to the demonstrations and riots that rocked France earlier this year, when President Macron proposed and passed laws to lift the French pension age from 62 to 64.

The ABC has done this deliberately, so that when ordinary people question why it has produced a headline asking “why are the French so upset?” they can bleat that they made the context clear in the body of the article. However I refer again to the axiom:

  • Most people only read the headlines.

This deliberate misrepresentation of the current race riots can be viewed in the context of a worldwide Lying Media attempt to cover up the race war currently underway in France. There are basically no articles about this on any “mainstream media” left or right, except for headlines attempting to trick scrollers into thinking that all the footage they have seen of the race riots on social media are fake.

There is another lie to be exposed here. The headline infers that it is the French who are currently rioting, and the picture showing White people rioting reinforces this false narrative.

In reality it is Arabs and Africans who are currently destroying French cities, not the French. The ABC is attempting to portray the current race war by Arabs and Africans against the French because George Floyd reasons as a continuation of the pension riots by the French which occurred earlier this year. This is fake news, it is a blatant lie.

If the ABC was to be honest, it would have published the following headline:

Why did the French not instigate a revolution after young French girl Lola was raped, murdered and butchered by an Arab, why did they not overthrow the government which imported so many Arabs and Africans, and why have they not expelled every last one of them?

Never forget Lola.

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