Your role in this spiritual war


On my post about none of us having the luxury of being bystanders, reader Rabuti stepped up and took his criticism like a man. But he also had a valid question as to how a real resistance is supposed to take form. Are we merely to be cannon fodder, to sacrifice ourselves uselessly against the many weapons of the enemy?

But what is someone actually supposed to do in this instance? Attend a protest? Attack a cop? Drink an endless coffee as an excuse for not wearing a mask? Share a meme? All nice, but the elite don’t care and will just carry on with their merry scheming.

Because there is no organised opposition and no “safe harbor” to conduct operations from there is very little one can do. I understand where the objection to my post comes from, and beleive me I do everything I can think of to oppose tyranny short of criminal activity (which just gets you locked up and taken out of the game). But we don’t have a lot we can realistically do. Quietly accumulate resources and reserves of strength is about it.

I have put much thought into this conundrum over the last few months. And I believe that I have the semblance of an answer.

For the first, I would like to direct your attention to this video of a young man protesting the mandatory mask mandate in the state of Western Australia, which I found courtesy of XYZ Magazine.

Now, there is no doubt that the individual in that video has some considerable courage. I watched it all the way through and I marveled at his patience and self-control. Put towards the end of the encounter, even he became somewhat agitated. In other words, this is a confrontational situation. It is not designed to win over anyone on the other side, particularly the two policemen at the center of it, but neither the bystanders who were watching. The man displayed courage, but he did not inspire anyone to emulate him.

Bruce Charlton has a piece this week where he examines the different ways that we can attempt to understand and thus interact with what is going on in the world right now.

When it comes to understanding what is going on in world ‘politics’, then normal people take things one-dot-at-a-time. Generally, they analyze, often in extreme detail, media accounts of specific policies and changes – one dot at a time.

They regard any attempt to make general sense of these dots – and what they imply about future dots, as wild speculation.

When pushed to justify their stance – they will assert that this is a world where ‘stuff happens’ – either randomly, or due to mere chains of causation. There is therefore no real overall meaning to be found in current events, because there is no meaning to be had from reality.

These are the two policemen in the video as well as the bystanders, which are the majority of people in the world today.

Those who join-the-dots are the mainstream conspiracy theorists – the ‘secular right’. They get their information from the mass media; but after this media has been filtered through the community of dot-joiners; and interpreted by a general assumption of the malign intent of rulers.

They are bottom-up reasoners – starting with items of evidence and synthesizing theories.

This type of theory is materialist in nature; relating to the selfishness and hedonism of the rulers, and their sadistic desire to control, torment and kill the masses.

The units of thinking are still the dots – the policies, actions, failure to act etc. The arguments comprise an arrangement of these dots into meaningful patterns.

The dot-joiners believe that the main problem is that the wrong individuals are in control; and they pin their hopes on replacing the malign individuals with well-intentioned persons – by means of a better ‘system’ of governance.

The man who made the video is an example of this type of thinker. I can accurately label him as such because his approach was antagonistic in nature, even when he was calm. He was never going to win over the two cops or anyone who was watching; that was not his objective. His goal was to mock them through their perceived lack of power to stop him from complying with the government’s ridiculous demands. The cops knew that they were being mocked and that they could do nothing about it, but they still believe in the system and that it is joined together one dot at a time.

But there is a third way.

Those who understand the world by inferred spiritual motivations begin with the spiritual assumption that evil is ultimately of spiritual origin and significance; and that global evil is the attempt to organize low level evil to attain supernatural strategic goals.

Clearly, this is a top-down and religious view; because its origins lie outside of politics, and do not derive from the dots …

… The spiritual people believe that the main problem in the world is that too many individuals, and nearly all of the global, national and institutional leaders, are on the side of supernatural evil: they are motivated to pursue the goals of supernatural evil.

(Supernatural evil is defined as such because it opposes deity.)

Their hope for improving the world is that supernatural evil be acknowledged as real, recognized where it is at work, and opposed by those whose allegiance is to supernatural good.

This breakdown is helpful and accurate but I feel that it does not go far enough. How does one approach the world through this top down spiritual prism? Well, we can answer that by looking at the encounter in the video.

If you make an even passing study of Christianity, you would know that Jesus is love. That is the basis from which everything emanates. And with that being the case, a helpful perspective would be to imagine how Jesus might have approached the encounter in the video. I believe that He would have won over the two policemen to the spiritual side. To our side. Not only that, He would have won over every bystander as well.

Now, we are not Jesus, far from it. But if we take this idea in mind and then use it correctly, we can radically alter our perspective about the majority of our adversaries. They themselves are merely pawns in the game to be used and abused by those above them. In the Rosary we beseech Jesus to save all souls, especially those in most need of His mercy. Well, taken to its logical conclusion, those who are arrayed against us are in need of our mercy too. But better than that; if we win them over then they are on our side. And they will then be motivated to win over others as well. And so it goes.

  1. Love your enemies. Mt. 5:44

You don’t have to preach God to them; they won’t take that seriously. No, you have to lift the veils from their eyes. You need to help them to see. You will most probably fail the first time. And the second. But each time you will learn and you will get better. We have to win them over to our side, one normie at a time. How you do that is up to you. There are many different ways available. This article is but one example.

There is plenty that you can do. You just have to find the spiritual will and courage to begin doing it.

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