Millions march across America for Trump


The second Million MAGA March has been epic, and the footage is beautiful.

American patriots are rallying in support of the Real American President, Donald Trump, who won the 2020 Presidential election in a landslide. Democrats, the CIA and the controlled media have conspired in an attempt to steal the election, to which American patriots have reacted furiously. The crowd in Washington D.C. alone is a million strong, and rallies are being held all over the United States.

The rallies are high energy.

Alex Jones, whose YouTube channel had a higher viewership than all the mainstream media combined before YouTube deleted it for no reason, has kept things interesting. As he led the crowd, the President’s helicopter gave a flyover.

Naturally, the peaceful protests were disrupted by Marxist terrorist group Antifa, bussed in to Washington D.C. by Marxist universities. Police did their best to protect Antifa from the massive number of Proud Boys.

Eventually Antifa broke out, only to be destroyed by the middle of the road civic nationalist organisation.

A common Antifa tactic is to instigate violence so that Antifa-affiliated politicians and media networks can blame the violence on Patriots. Refreshingly, police were having none of their nonsense.

From a military perspective, these massive rallies are vital. These aren’t simply massive crowds marching peacefully for Donald Trump, for the viability of the electoral system, for the sanctity of the American Constitution and for the principles upon which America is founded.

You are looking at an army.

This army is currently protesting peacefully for Real Americans, for family, for God, for tradition. Keep in mind that a high proportion of them own firearms. And they are finally being mobilised.

Thousands of Proud Boys showed up.

And the American armed forces have made it abundantly clear whom they support.

Marxists in America have had years to mobilise their forces, and all throughout 2020 their soldiers have honed their tactics and deepened their depravity with only light police pushback and sporadic resistance from Real Americans.

These events will inspire other patriots to mobilise, and it will provide crucial experience for many Americans who still do not realise just how ruthless the Judeo-Bolsheviks in America are.

You must know your enemy. Know that your enemy desires victory at any cost. Only the same level of commitment will bring victory.

Importantly, it looks as though patriot anger may have finally reached a point where they can sustain a prolonged conflict and a likely war of attrition. Here, Mexican Nick Fuentes leads patriots in a chant of “Destroy the GOP”.

Real Americans are in the mood for a party which genuinely represents Real Americans. Even if Trump backs down, forces have been set in motion which will be impossible to halt.