Viewer Poll: Is the Second American Civil War about to start?


For some time in America, Democrats have maintain that the worst thing you can possibly be is “racist”. If you are racist you are by definition evil and must be censored, deplatformed, you must lose your job, jailed, unpersoned, beaten up and murdered.

They define their platform as being “anti-racist”. Therefore anybody who opposes them is racist and must be destroyed.

Furthermore, they define America itself, its history, culture, the people who founded America and their progeny who make up the actual American population, as racist. Therefore everything that makes America what it is must be destroyed, and the American pioneers’ descendants, ie Real Americans, must be replaced.

This is not so much a political platform as it is a declaration of war.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was the first open acknowledgment open war was upon them by Real Americans. It was quite literally a declaration:

“We will not be replaced”.

Not only did Trump promise to defend America’s borders and put America first, he outlined how the Democrat leadership and the Washington establishment was utterly corrupt and needed to be completely swept away if America was to survive.

The slogan “Drain the Swamp” was not so much a political platform as it was an open declaration of war.

We can discuss the fact that Trump has not (yet) followed through (fully) on this platform, and whether this is due to his being controlled opposition or simply up against a truly gargantuan opponent.

The point is that both sides of American politics define themselves as good and the other as evil.

Both cannot be true, of course. It is Real Americans who are up against a demonic, global power which controls its degenerate minions through sexual blackmail.

This brings us to the current Presidential election. America has been battered by the one-two punch of the WEF’s globally coordinated coronavirus plandemic lockdown on the one hand and systematic Marxist and racial violence by terrorist groups Antifa and BLM on the other.

The Democrats’ strategy appears to be to throw the election, sending up a creepy, senile geriatric against the God Emperor.

As Marxists did in Spain in the 1930’s, they appear ready to contest the election and exploit the chaos to assert their New World Order. We know this is their intention because they are projecting this onto Trump.

Thus we come to The XYZ Viewer Poll:

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Here follows a brief analysis of each answer.


If Trump wins, the terrorist agents of the Deep State will escalate violence, triggering a response from the American government led by Trump to protect the American people, leading to further escalation and all out civil war. If Biden wins, the terrorist agents of the Deep State will become the paramilitary wing of the federal government, going door to door to rape, murder and mutilate Real Americans. This attempted genocide will trigger a response from the American people, and an escalation into civil war.


The Deep State will calculate that they do not need to trigger an all out conflict to achieve victory. Marxist control control of the institutions, the bureaucracy, academia and the media will ensure the demographic decline of America. Regardless of who wins the election, they will ensure the violence remains below the threshold of triggering a self defensive response from Real Americans.

The Civil War has already started

Future historians will likely look at the current period as either the start of The Second American Civil War, or the Prelude. Hundreds of thousands of words will be written over whether a war can exist when only one side is fighting.

World War III is about to start

Given the globally coordinated nature of the coronavirus lockdown and our understanding of the soon to be attempted Great Reset, a Second American Civil War will be used as a pretext for international police and military forces to “intervene” in America and across the globe, triggering a worldwide confrontation of the free people of the world and the globalist forces.

We could be about to witness the culmination of a conflict thousands of years in the making.