Victorian Hero SMASHES Melbourne’s Ring of Steel with BMW


A few days ago a 33 year old Melbourne man did something very courageous.

From the Australian:

A BMW driver has allegedly smashed into one of Melbourne’s “ring of steel” coronavirus checkpoints.

The man, 33, crashed into the vehicle checkpoint on the Calder Highway in Gisborne South about 4.15am on Thursday, police allege.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the black BMW X5 crashed through bollards and hit a parked car before coming to a stop.

Naturally, The XYZ has obtained exclusive footage of the epic prang:

No police or defence force personnel were injured during the incident.

“The checkpoint is very well lit with good signage and he’s driven into bollards and then hit a sign trailer and other safety objects before he hit a parked car,” Mr Patton told 3AW.

“There’s been debris over 300m or 400m.”

Impressive. As far as we know, he had no ramming device installed on his car. Perhaps if he had the result could have been different. A few months ago a man in Los Angeles tried to ram a train into a battleship. That would have been epic.

The Sunbury man was taken to a police station where he allegedly returned a positive evidentiary breath test.

Mr Patton said the driver allegedly blew .128.

Police said his licence was immediately suspended and he was expected to be charged on summons with drink driving and other traffic offences.

A likely story. The real motive is revealed in the middle of the article:

A caller to 3AW radio, Don, said the checkpoint was currently open and drivers were being let through without being checked.

He said a $100,000 BMW had been completely written off after colliding into an electronic sign and was sitting there with all of its airbags blown out.

By the way, Jews rule the world.

He said it had also collided with the back of an unmarked police car and there was a mess of debris all over the road.

So the checkpoint must have been down for some time. Doubtless this allowed many Melburnians to escape the realm of Dictator Dan. It is possible that more such incidents will occur, especially if restrictions on leaving Melbourne remain in place beyond November 8.

Probably someone will use a truck as a battering ram, followed in quick succession by a convoy of vehicles. Given it could endanger chances of escape if a car were to stop to pick up the driver of said truck, such a breakout would probably involve a cool stunt where somebody jumps from a truck onto a car and then things blow up.

Then again you probably don’t need to go to such trouble. Apparently the police don’t man the checkpoints when it rains, and you can always just ride a bike out through a bike trail.

However, if you do escape from the Melbourne shithole, the rest of Australia is very wary of any escaped Melburnians and are likely to dob you in. Even before the coronavirus lockdown we were known for spreading degeneracy and complaining about the coffee. Best advice is to talk really slowly and tell everyone you’re from Queensland.

On balance, this newfound suspicion of outsiders is a good thing. We used to have it here in Australia. It is how we kept new arrivals to a minimum, and ensured that those who stayed learned to fit in. Marxists who want to mix all the races together in the mistaken belief that it will prevent future wars call this racism. I just call it the immune system of a nation.