Guardian admits to climate propaganda


This is not journalism, this is activism.

“Progress has a voice”. Finally..

Here is the text from the video:

The Guardian.

Can you hear this? How about this? Some would rather it was silenced. But our editorial independence lets us speak up about climate injustice. To hold polluters, profiteers and politicians to account. Keeping the climate crisis top of the agenda.

Progress has a voice.

Support it, become a subscriber today.

The Guardian.

They’re openly admitting that they do not report dispassionately on the facts regarding the earth’s climate, regardless of whether or not it conforms with the views of their journalists and editors. They have morphed “climate change” into “climate injustice” and “climate crisis”, and they will make it top of the agenda. If you disagree, you are trying to silence the voice of a multinational corporation.

The cabal spreads this propaganda worldwide, through a litany of globalist corporations and entities:

The corporate media has the editorial independence to parrot the globalist replacement immigration narrative:

Marxist, taxpayer funded media has the editorial independence to parrot the globalist anti-family narrative:

They even fuse their conspiracy theories together. Apparently a shadowy network of Voldemort acolytes are planning to burn the planet to a crisp by saluting the sun:

These articles I have screen-capped are all from the front page of Google searches, but you know, some would rather it was silenced.

Now the globalists are moving to dismantle the controlled opposition:

Some actual journalists in the Murdoch press attempt to provide a balance to the climate change hysteria, it’s true. Some would rather this balance is silenced.

Remember, the Murdoch press is very much controlled opposition. Its papers consistently support mass immigration, and they never discuss the truth about World War 2 and our good friends the Belgians.

We are not in a fight of fake right vs fake left, we are in a fight for our people vs the cabal, good vs evil, God vs Satan.

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