Jesus hates Judaism


I can hear the thirty year old Boomers now.

“But they’re God’s chosen people!”

“Jesus was a Jew, you Nazi!”

“Judaism is based on the Torah, and that’s the same Bible as us!”

“God promised the land to the seed of Abraham and that’s the Jews so 1948 was God bringing them back after the HolocaustTM and green shoots appearing on the fig tree. Checkmate you anti-Semite leftist!”

“You just hate the Jews because you’re jealous of their high IQ and want to find a scapegoat for your feelings of failure and insufficiency. You love Muslims! You’re obsessed with conspiracy theories and finding connections that aren’t there, you loser! You’re paranoid!”

It’s all so tiresome.

Jews were God’s chosen people, but they’re not now. They broke the covenant and then killed the Messiah, and since that time those who have faith in Jesus Christ are God’s chosen people (Galatians 3:5-14). Israel had a choice and they turned away from God, so then God turned his face away from them and toward the church, which is the body of Christ during the Church Age (1 Corinthians 12:27).

There will come a time when the remnant of collective Israel will be saved, just prior to Jesus’ return. It will not, however, be the church merging into Israel; it will be Israel becoming Christian and acknowledging him who they pierced (Zechariah 12:10; John 19:37).

Ethnically Jesus was Jewish, yes; religiously though, he was a heretic all his life and the rabbis killed him for it. The pattern throughout Jesus’ ministry was that he loved and had compassion for the Jewish people, but he was hated by and in turn stood against the rabbis. The Pharisees who hounded him constantly and finally killed him were the rabbinic class of the day. He hated their religion. He drove it out of his father’s temple.

As in all things, Jesus gave us the template by which we are to relate to the Jews. We are to call out the deceptions and hypocrises of the Jewish elite, but we are to pity the everyday Jews held in thrall by the lies maintained by their manipulative overclass.

No matter how much they hate us, we are to love them.

But that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate their lies. We must encourage them to come out of that toxic faith. The dynamic we see in the New Testament in which the Jewish people are held captive by the priest class using a distorted form of the Mosaic law still happens today. There are many who have left Judaism and expose the tyranny and manipulation of the rabbis.

Judaism is not based on the Torah. This is a clever deception put forth by the rabbis and Jewish believers to Christians to this day. Jews will always say to Christians that they “Study Torah”, and the Christian will then imagine that they study the first five books of the Bible. This has been used as a foundational deception to justify Christian Zionism since the Second World War. It’s a lie.

Even in the time of Jesus, there were two versions of Judaism: the written law, or Torah and Tanakh (the Old Testament), and the oral traditions of the rabbis. These were commentaries, or interpretations, of the Torah and Tanakh.

Judaism is based on the Talmud, an extensive collection of writings which was first compiled in the Mishnah in the centuries following the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, and the Zohar. Dispersed as they were, the rabbis feared that their oral tradition would be lost, and so determined to write it down. There are two main versions of the Talmud: the Babylonian Talmud, and the Palestinian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud was added to until the middle ages, and is the primary text used by both orthodox and liberal/reform branches of Judaism.

The Zohar was compiled later, in Sephardic Spain. It is a written compilation of the esoteric doctrines of Kabbalah, or Jewish ritual magic. Kabbalah has been the basis for the practices of the secret societies and Luciferian cults which have spread since the Enlightenment.

That’s not a conspiracy theory. The Freemasons admit as much, although some are nervous about the links becoming too public. Kabbalah itself predates Judaism by millennia, and is the same mystery cult tradition practiced in ancient Babylon. Those mystery cults spread to Egypt, Canaan, Greece and Rome, before going underground and being carried forward throughout the church period by rabbinic Judaism.

This is why all these seemingly disparate spiritual traditions are pushing humanity in the same one-world, Luciferian direction. It is because they have one origin, and one spirit behind them. That spirit is the god of this world, Satan, who deceived the whole world (Revelation 12:9).

But we digress.

Most Christians today still believe that Judaism is a form of proto-Christianity; that the religion of Judaism is essentially the books of Moses. Evangelical preachers teach that the only difference between Christians and Jews is that Jews are still under the Mosaic Law, whereas for Christians the law and the prophets have been fulfilled by the finished work of the cross.

This is only true about Karaite Jews, of whom there are about 30,000. The rest of the world’s 14.5 million Jews follow the Babylonian Talmud. If you read rabbinic articles on Judaism, you will see a common pattern of exegesis: ‘Torah says x, which is problematic, whereas this rabbi says y is OK because…’ This is the pattern of how Jews justify practicing a religion which is entirely at odds with the basic principles and beliefs of the written law in the Bible.

But perhaps Judaism being based on the Babylonian Talmud is not so bad, from a Christian perspective. What does the Talmud say about Jesus?

Helpfully, a Jewish professor at Princeton has written a remarkably frank book on the topic.

The Talmud states that Jesus was the illegitimate product of a union between Mary and a Roman soldier named Pantera. That Jesus was a magician who only had five disciples; an idolater who led Israel astray through black magic. Jesus is also referred to as ‘Balaam’ in the Talmud, a reference to the pagan god Bhaal, and is said to be boiling in semen in hell for his blasphemies.

That doesn’t sound very proto-Christian. What does the Talmud say about Christians then?

The Talmud teaches Jews that Gentiles, usually referred to as ‘goyim’, are subhumans who do not have the same rights as Jews and will become the slaves of Jews once the moshiach, or Messiah, appears.

Perhaps this explains the hatred that both orthodox and liberal Jews display for Christianity?

The love that many Christians and conservatives demonstrate for Judaism in the West is not at all reciprocated. How could we have been so deceived about the nature of this religion?

Jesus warned us clearly and repeatedly to beware of deception in the Last Days. This theme of deception was emphasised even more strongly than persecution. The section of the Bible which covers the church age is the seven letters to the churches in Revelation, and this section is very short. Given that the church was a mystery prior to the cross and the ministry of Paul, this is perhaps not surprising. After the letters to the churches in Revelation, we are quickly brought into the drama and upheaval of the final years before Jesus comes back.

Several times in these letters from Jesus to the churches we are warned to beware of Jewish deception (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). The Lord even went so far as to refer to those who call themselves Jews, but are not, and do lie. He said he will make of these a synagogue of Satan. Is this what we could be seeing with Judaism and the state of Israel today?

Perhaps that is why the symbol of Israel is the Satanic hexagram, which Acts 7:43 refers to as ‘the banner of Moloch, the star of your god Remphan’. No rabbi today is able to adequately explain the origin of this Luciferian symbol.

This symbol has been connected with Judaism since at least the third century AD, and is more correctly known as the Seal of Solomon. The name ‘Star of David’ is a modern invention, probably to obscure the links between Judaism, occultism and the esoteric beliefs of secret societies such as the Freemasons. The symbol frequently appears with an eye in the middle.

A synagogue with the eye of illumination inside the Seal of Solomon.
Hamsas are a common Jewish amulet and usually feature an eye in the centre.

Given that Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism have played such a key role in the spread of Satanic secret societies, and that the symbol of Israel is an explicit nod to the god of this world, it is not unreasonable as a Christian believer to see Israel as a key part of Satan’s end times plan to deceive the church. And it’s worked.

The so-called Christian West has been fighting wars for Israel and funding Islamic terrorism through our intelligence agencies for decades now. Those few who have called out Christian Zionism and Jewish occultism have been ridiculed, silenced and imprisoned. Still today, this is a risky topic to speak out about.

But if we know it’s true, how can we not? During Jesus’ ministry, there was a time when many of his disciples fell away because the truth he told them was too hard to bear (John 6:60-70). Even those who stuck with Him, however, refused to speak of him in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles ‘for fear of the Jews’ (John 7:10-14). Will we also stay silent ‘for fear of the Jews’? Will we refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit because of what it might do to our reputation, our ministry, our livelihood, our personal safety?

Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy resonates with many Christians as an allegory of the end times. When we see the Third World invasions, the racial tensions, the environmental destruction, the spread of deceit and perversity, the books seem positively prophetic. Tolkien also symbolised Sauron’s power, his picture of Satan, in the form of an unseeing eye. The same symbol we see in Luciferian culture everywhere today.

Was this a symbol of how the anti-Christ will briefly rule before Jesus destroys him? Not from Mordor, but from Israel?

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