Victoria Police are out of control


In Victoria yesterday this happened.

How the male in the car manages to not behead the thugs with his bare hands is quite remarkable. He is a study in self control.

You might think that footage of a masked brute in a police uniform pulling a woman out of her car, nearly stripping her top off in the process, for apparently not giving her name, is bad optics.

Wrong. This is perfect optics.

That look, that’s fear.

When you pull women out of their cars, arrest grannies in the park, arrest pregnant mothers in front of their children, harass blokes for taking the bins in and smash people’s doors down for what they posted online, you send a very clear message that you mean business and will tolerate no opposition.

The globalists who really run this world want you to be afraid. They are doing this all over the West and they don’t care that we don’t like it.

They are deliberately making life as unpleasant as possible so that we will accept any deal to get out of this hell.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has manipulatively claimed that he is setting such stringent targets for reopening Victoria because he wants to avoid having to go through a cycle of opening up and locking down again. Yet he is the one who set the bar for lockdown so arbitrarily low in the first place. In Victoria we are facing either a permanent lockdown or a permanent cycle of reopening and renewed lockdown.

Enforced by these guys.

That deal to get out of this hell, it’s the vaccine. I have never been an antivaxer before, but when you are forced into a prison where your only chance of escape is to let your jailers inject you, you have to be suspicious.