A new killer coronavirus is coming for your grandma


The first Death Star was pretty big but the Rebels blew it up.

So the Empire built a bigger one but that got blown up too.

Surely if you make a whole planet into a death star the Rebels won’t be able to…oh bugger.

I don’t know why it’s in Spanish. You should all speak it anyway, bigots. Now something more terrifying than all three is coming for you, your grandma and everything you hold dear, and it’s real.

From nEwS.cOm:

A new COVID-19 mutation appears to be even more contagious, according to a study – and experts say it could be a response by the virus to defeat masks and other social-distancing efforts.

Scientists in a paper published on Wednesday identified a new strain of the coronavirus, which accounted for 99.9 per cent of cases during the second wave in America’s Houston, Texas, area, The Washington Post reported.

The paper, which has not been peer-reviewed, said people with the strain, known as the D614G mutation, had higher loads of virus – suggesting it is more contagious.

Though the strain isn’t more deadly, researchers said it appeared to have adapted better to spread among humans.

The XYZ has gained exclusive footage of what this new coronavirus looks like under a microscope.

Corona Mk. II. Source.

This superbug has mutated, guided by some unknown intelligence, to be able to tell if you have washed your hands or if you’re wearing a mask, and just go up your bum instead. How convenient, governments will just have to mandate a vaccine after all.

When this whole thing started I predicted that the virus would kill hundreds of millions and the wars it sparked would kill billions. I was wrong about the virus, although I may still be proven right about the wars. I at least had the decency to posit that perhaps I still hadn’t overcome my desire for a quick solution to the financial enslavement and demographic replacement of our people, so maybe I saw the Chinese Diversity Flu as an easy out.

Don’t expect any such introspection from the globalists who rule us. They’re just going to keep cranking up the volume.

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