Democracy Is the ultimate denial of freedom


Anna Charlotte

Living off food-like products, anti-depressants and television, we‘re kept in a bovine state of contentment and subjugation; no better than a herd of cattle. We‘re fed a steady diet of all things conducive to our downfall, becoming evermore spiritually and racially dissolved. Thorough conditioning from the media has us programmed to accept or reject what we‘re told, buy what we’re told, and think what we’re told.

We ultimately become trapped in a system that celebrates the plastic pursuit of happiness and eschews the sense of God, morality, modesty, and honour as outdated modes of thinking, resulting in the rearing of spineless, spiritual eunuchs.

This epicentre of cultural decay, also known as the modern world, is a festering wound of backwards morality, concerning itself with all that is evil and unjust.

We believe men can be women, deny a child‘s fundamental right to a mother and father, take away religious freedom, suppress and shame dissidents from speaking, and yet, we believe that we live in a “free” society.

We believe, or rather, we have been programmed to believe, in the insanities of democracy. That the people exercise authority; that the men and women elected into government by us are there to “represent“ us; the common man and woman.

We elect a Government to do a job and then, ironically, an Opposition is elected to stop them from doing it. Those who are elected rarely, if ever, enact the polices for which they were voted for in the first place. In order for them to deliver on their promised changes, they would have to implement some form of government that would give them, in one way or another, dictatorial power. Lest the Opposition resist; and the ability for the Opposition to push back and delay is virtually unlimited.

The result is a compromise and weakening, often a complete cessation, of the original polices which the people voted for, denying the voters their supposed “democratic freedom”. But we‘re told that we‘ll lose our “freedom“ if we give the Government the dictatorial power needed to actually enact policies.

Furthermore, we see laws passed without the consultation of the voters, that brings about irreversible changes to the fabric of society (i.e. mass immigration, higher taxes, the welfare state, etc).

But no one in the democratic parliament can be held responsible! We see each and every politician cower behind each other, deflecting their responsibility of the job they were tasked with, and deflecting their duty to the people they were elected to represent. The House of Representatives and the Senate becomes nothing other than a gathering of limp-wristed cowards.

One now realises how frivolous electioneering is, and the folly of ballot boxes, when ones vote is rendered so meaningless by the “democratic way”. Not to mention the millions of tax payer dollars spent on these useless practices!

As Sir Oswald Mosley had put it; imagine if we ran businesses this way! Let‘s imagine we hire ten staff to do the job, and then ten staff to oppose them doing the job. Instead of getting anything done, we end up with a cacophony of bickering. And yet, we run entire nations like this!

Better yet, let’s have different parties in power in different electorates, and different parties in power in different states! Then, in charge of the whole entire nation, we‘ll have a different party again! On a national level, we have the Government pursuing different policies to the state and local governments. We‘re told that this is a “free government“, and yet we see a complete frustration of this system from every direction.

We then compensate these purveyors of democracy, who seem to hold themselves in high esteem as the saviours and liberators of the modern world, with outrageously greedy salaries and six figure pensions, while we have millions of workers who are robbed of their wages by the soaring costs of living expenses and taxes.

And if, by some miracle, a party of honest men (say, a grass roots movement) intent on carrying through their electoral promises, gained a majority of votes, do you believe that the ruling elite would accept the voters’ decision and hand over the reigns? Absolutely not! A coalition would then be formed to stamp out all possibilities of a grass roots movement seizing power; the very will of the people suppressed, yet again. That’s assuming this grass roots movement wasn’t already outlawed as “undemocratic“, ironically enough.

Inevitably, we must come face to face with the truth of what democracy really is; the ultimate denial of freedom, and the suppression of natural functions of men and women.