Something is going on


Something is going on and it’s not a virus. Speaking of which, I’m at home with the sniffles, also known as the dreaded man flu. It ain’t the Wu-flu as the symptoms don’t match, but I haven’t been sick for almost two years so this is one hell of a timing. So I’m at home, feeling pretty dreadful and with time to peruse the internet.

As I said, something is going on. The stats for this virus are what I would describe as lame-o on the old death by pestilence chart. Viruses such as SARS are openly mocking this Chinese Johnny-come-lately, while the Black Death and Smallpox are sitting in the big boys’ chairs and not even acknowledging that this virus even exists. In other words, as viruses go this one is an omega male.

And yet, the Western world is collectively losing its mind. Leading the way with the hysteria is Europe as borders are closed and businesses shut down. With economies being on life support propped up by historically low interest rates and money printing since the 2008 financial crisis, and with some nations such as Germany already teetering on a recession, this sudden rush to throw the baby out with the bathwater seems to be completely insane.

Denmark has gone one step further, with emergency legislation giving the State powers to enforce mandatory testing and quarantine of its citizens. In other words, there is a concerted rush to lock down the populations of these countries under the excuse of a virus that on the face of it is rather timid. Now if this was Ebola then they would have something, but it’s not and thus I am rather suspicious.

If you knew that the game was up and that the financial house of cards was going to come crashing down and that it would be your necks on the chopping block, what would you do? Locking down the peasants under threat of death by pestilence seems like a good final throw of the dice. The great thing about plague is that citizens will voluntarily enforce the code for you; try going into a supermarket and start wheezing and coughing right now and see where it gets you.

But when you enact extraordinary powers and create extraordinary circumstances then other things happen that are outside of your control and that you didn’t envisage occurring. A story from Naples shows African illegal immigrants roaming the streets in defiance of the lock down.

How long is the Camorra going to put up with this sort of behavior? Likewise, the thousands of invaders struggling to get past the Greek border take on a very different humanitarian line when there is the threat of plague. You’re not going to get too many liberal bleeding hearts to help that lot in times like these.

The populations of Europe have been incredibly trusting and patient with their leaders over the past two decades of vast immigration and enforced multiculturalism. But if there is one population that historically scores an A+ on getting rid of unwanted elements within their respective nations then it has to be Europe. And when they turn they turn very fast indeed.

Likewise, the lunatic behavior of progressives as regards homosexuality and feminism will go out the window when people are faced with an actual or perceived existential threat. Societies only have room for such extravagances when times are good. Already I have seen breakdowns of how the virus affects men and women in comparison. Suddenly gender isn’t a social construct at all as no mention was made of the 87 other made up sexual lunacies.

We have a convoluted pot of bizarre beliefs and social behaviors that is going to disappear faster than mist in the morning sun when the shit really goes down. Maybe this is the kick in the nuts that these nations really need, and when the smoke clears and people emerge from their hidey-holes they will rediscover what is important in life.

Now excuse me while I go and blow my nose.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.