SBS Uses A Golliwog To Spread The Wuhan Virus


Every time the taxpayer funded SBS and ABC talk about ‘Australians’ in Australia or ‘Australians’ trapped in Wuhan province in China, they always show pictures of nonwhites. Both the public and corporate media seems to get off on promoting nonwhites as ‘Australians’ and the more they can rub your nose in this ‘diversity’ the better. What would you expect from a bunch of un-ellected Antiwhite Globalists in control of our media?

So when SBS ran a story at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak showing a picture of an all white happy family from child to grandmother, I suddenly became suspicious. It turned out that SBS was promoting the Getup campaign #IwillEatWithYou that was encouraging ‘Australians’ to eat at Chinese restaurants. It was obvious that they were trying to blackmail white families into trying to prove they are not ‘racist’ by eating at Chinese restaurants during the Wuhnan virus outbreak.

The #IWillEatWithYou logo shows a Golliwog giving the middle finger disguised as noodles, and SBS just happened to position it so it points towards the happy white family. Is this a coincidence? I don’ t think so. This blatant disregard for the lives of white families is not only confined to Australia.

The Antiwhite Mayor of Florence was also involved in a campaign encouraging Italians to ‘Hug a Chinese‘ by telling Italians not to be ‘prejudiced’. Coincidentally Northern Italy became the epicentre of the Pandemic in that country. The greatest outbreak of any Western nation.

So what have Australians learned?

Multicultural states will always put the financial wellbeing of the minorities ahead of the physical safety of its majority.

Antiwhitism often leads people to knowingly put the majority in mortal danger out of hate and vengeance.

When you see a Coincidence, be very suspicious.

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Blackthorn Jack has traversed many mountains and valleys of the world learning about exotic cultures. He noticed that the capital of Japan is full of Japanese, the Capital of India is full of Indians, the Capital of Nigeria is full of Nigerians but the Capital of England is only 40% English! What's going on? He studies natural medicine and seeks cures for anti-white meme pathogens.