No NHS for you, bigot


I have just returned from a very brief trip to the UK. I passed through Birmingham airport on my way through to Aberdeen, and in the transiting area were numerous large billboards begging for interested and skilled parties to apply for the many nursing positions that are obviously up for grabs. Not being one for giving comfort unless it is in the form of a bottle of Balvenie scotch whiskey, (my new tipple), I ignored these pleas and continued on my journey. Never give to charities and never apply for a guaranteed nursing position in the NHS.

The British National Health Service used to be the pride of the nation, but that was before they opened the doors of the nation wide open to anyone with a pulse and an ability to fall over the doormat. Now it is in serious danger of collapsing due to the huge numbers of patients that it has not had the capacity to keep up with.

What to do, what to do? Kicking out the dusky foreigners is politically unpalatable so another outcome needs to be secured. No doubt about it, they have to reduce the numbers of patients, and the largest demographic is the British native working class. Horrible bunch, really; always eating crisps and moaning about the lengthy queues behind all of the foreign imports. Best to get rid of the lot of them, but how can we do so in a politically correct and magnanimous way?

UK’s National Health Service can refuse to treat ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘homophobic’ patients under new rules.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) announced Tuesday that, under new rules for the agency coming in April, medical care providers can refuse to give non-critical care to patients who are “racist,” sexist,” “homophobic,” or are otherwise insulting and aggressive towards hospital staff.

Good old Kev’ from Manchester will be in a bit of bother if he gets uppity while waiting for 6 hours to get seen for suspected Corona virus behind the massive line of suspected but unproven women in head to toe sack cloths.

While the rule poses a host of problems, including who might be placed in charge of determining what behavior is considered racist, sexist, and homophobic …

Obviously it will be the hospital staff themselves, but these are now largely made up of the same dusty foreigners who caused the problem in the first place. So we will have the ludicrous situation of paper British citizens arbitrarily deciding who gets to use the NHS based on their own personal opinions of what constitutes unacceptably non-PC behavior. You import masses of foreigners from low trust societies then sooner or later you’re going to get a similar low trust society.

… the biggest concern appears to be for the mentally ill, who may seek treatment, even for non life-threatening ailments, but be unable to control their behavior. If they are labeled “abusive,” “aggressive,” or “harmful,” they will be turned away from medical care.

Anyone with Tourette’s is in serious trouble.

As always the truth of the matter is at the end of the article.

Johnson’s government is trying to get a handle, overall, on problem — specifically financial problems — that are threatening the longevity of the UK’s national health service, and the new rules are part of a plan to help stabilize the system, but they make come too little too late. According to the BBC, the NHS’s budget has exploded and 30% of Britain’s domestic spending now goes to public health.

Remove one of the largest demographics who use your health service and problem fixed. That will teach those uppity Yorkshiremen for voting for Brexit. Another added bonus is that they all might get sick and die off. Then it will just be the elites and a whole lot of dusty imports to serve them.

Maybe that was the plan all along.

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