This is the greatest advertisement of all time


I want to watch this advertisement on repeat. It is like a wish fulfilment video for every bigot in the country.

I just can’t stop laughing.

What we must understand about all SJW’s, virtue signallers, useful idiots, you name it, is that they fetishise their own misery. It is why university feminists dress in 1950’s garb and share 1950’s housewife memes.


The real irony is that feminists are unhealthy women who desire a rich older man to beat them up and use them as a sex toy. They actually dress unironically in 1950’s housewife garb. They just don’t know it consciously.

The same applies to the useful idiots who have been exploited by the degenerate advertising industry in this ad. These are desperate people who need God’s healing, ironically unironically telling us how they actually view themselves, ie, they hate themselves. It is why they are so disfigured. We could help them, but that has been outlawed in the USSV. Instead, they are cattle for the globohomo elite, and their misery is weaponised against the rest of us.

It is why I can’t stop laughing. You either laugh or you honk. And it is why the following reaction was so tragically predictable.

From Q News:

As part of its “Love Speech” campaign, the bank.. released a video starring several young LGBTIQ people delivering homophobic and transphobic slurs to camera.

To promote the campaign, ANZ enlisted author Benjamin Law, AFLW star Moana Hope, and trans advocate Georgie Stone as spokespeople…

However ANZ has come under fire for the video, which lacks a content warning. Many in the LGBTIQ community are concerned it could be harmful.

Advocate Sally Rugg queried why the video couldn’t just include the “love speech”, instead of uncensored slurs.

“Absolutely zero shade to the community members featured in the ANZ ad – all power to them – but oooft,” she tweeted.

“Feels pretty gross and a bit hurtful, to me, watching an ad for a bank using the uncensored words f*ggot, d*ke, tr*nny in the Newsfeed.

“The first and second rule of campaign messaging is ‘don’t repeat your opponent’s language’ and ‘don’t campaign in your opponents frame’.

“@ANZ_AU you may consider this advice, or at a minimum, a recut with the slurs implied but censored.”

So much for ‘reclaiming’ words. The people at ANZ must be asking “How much do we have to virtue signal to please these people?” It will never be enough, because they are trying to please fundamentally unhappy people. The ANZ may be thoroughly converged but nothing will save them, because the left never stops.

I just can’t stop laughing.