7 simple steps for living a happy and successful life


“A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, the rest of us have to be the others.”

I cannot remember where I heard this quote but it is profound and true.

There are certain things in life we have to learn for ourselves, due to our own stubbornness, arrogance or whatever, but avoiding the hard lessons is the goal of the wise. After more than two decades of struggling through life, and incurring God’s chastisement regularly (without realising at the time), I now believe life can be boiled down to seven simple lessons.

First, I need to state, this is not a matter of my saying “my life is successful, be like me” but the exact opposite. These are lessons I had to learn the hard way, for the most part, and I now feel obliged to help others avoid the same stupid mistakes.

So let us get into it.

Lesson 1: Avoid Fornication at all costs.

If you are unclear what that means, here is the summary: no sex before marriage, if you have sex before marriage you are worse than a fool.

Do not just avoid it; flee from it as if it will kill you because you might just find that happens, and if not you will likely be cursed for life anyway. Whether you get her pregnant and find she is a terrible mother, contract an STD, or incur some other punishment, it is not worth the momentary pleasure and/or ego boost.

I used to think blokes who “nailed a bunch of chicks” were cool, now days I think they are sad, and that there is no man cooler than a man who has been only with his wife. If you are a man who sleeps around, you are not a “stud”, you are a whoremonger.

As for you women, if you have been with more than one man you are a slut, there I said it.

There is another reason, and that relates to the basic male/female relationship.

Head out on the town on a weekend and you will see scores of thirsty young men chasing the “poon” in the hope that they might find a lady for the night. The lads approach, the women take their pick, if they want a pick at all, and if the answer is “no” there is nothing the lads can do about it. The power is completely in the hands of the female, while the men (read: boys) are subject to female whims.

This does not mean they never “get some” just that, in the vast majority of cases, the effort required is not worth the reward, and it is never worth the consequences.

I know this because for a long time I was one of those thirsty lads.

Contrast this to taking an attitude of “no sex unless we are married” and suddenly the script is flipped. Suddenly, rather than being the choosers, females are up for rejection. After all, a man is not going to commit unless he is sure about her (most of the time), so women had better keep their worst instincts in check.

Instead of “will I have sex with him or not” it becomes “will he be a good life partner, and am I good enough for him?”

There are other issues with fornication, such as the link between polygamy and violence, not to mention what female hypergamy does to society if left unchecked, but most of all it is for our own sanity, safety and security.

No fornication brings balance back to the courtship process, and everyone is better off.

Lesson 2: Once you are married do not get divorced, save fornication/adultery, or they force the divorce.

The number of horror divorce stories out there should be enough to put the fear of God into any man, if not just think about the story of Jeff.

Jeff is a billionaire, he was married to a perfectly fine looking woman, but decided to hook up with a mutant looking tramp and it cost him $32 billion dollars. Imagine choosing someone less attractive and paying that much money for the privilege?

Whatever you do, do not be like Jeff.

That is just one example, but horror divorce stories, that destroy families and only serve to make lawyers rich, are not in short supply. It is not worth it, no matter how young and hawt the 18-year-old intern might look in a miniskirt.

Grow old with your spouse and enjoy the ease of it, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Sure, if your partner fornicates with someone else you are entitled to leave them, but even then, you should consider how it would affect your family and those around you. Was the indiscretion a once off, or is it an on-going thing?

Is there a genuine safety risk to you or your children?

Often times it is far wiser simply to forgive and move on, if it is even remotely possible.

One day we will again live under God’s law, until then consider all factors before making your decision, and always lean towards staying together through thick and thin.

“Til death do us part” is good advice, do not forget it.

Lesson 3: If you are a husband, you are the breadwinner and the final authority in all household decisions. If you are a wife your duty is to obey your husband, raise the children and keep the house in order.

Feminism is not just wrong, it could not be more wrong if it tried, if we measured “wrongness” on a scale of raw to hard-boiled, feminism would vaporise the egg.

Husbands are the protectors, the breadwinners, and the final authority in all decisions, wives are the moral guide, but it is their duty to obey their husbands regardless their opinion.

“But but but, what if…” nope!

There is no exception to this rule; women, it is your job to obey your husband whether you feel his decision is the correct one or not. Forget what the TV tells you, the TV lies, not only will this make your life easier, but you will be happier for it. You are free to state your opinion and discuss things, but his decision goes.

Men, if your wives disagree with this do not listen to them, they are lying and probably do not even know what they want anyway, they are women after all. It is up to you to put your foot down and remain firm and steadfast in your decision. She might kick up a fuss at first but eventually her instincts will kick in and she will love you more than ever.

In the off chance she divorces you (highly unlikely); take it as an opportunity to find yourself a new, and better, wife who will respect you for treating her as a woman.

Be thankful, because she did you a favour.

99% of fights (my statistic, no source) could be resolved before they started if both parties understood that all final decisions were the prerogative of the husband. If it is always his decision, there is usually nothing to fight about because his way is the only way.

The trade-off being that it is a husband’s role to protect his family and put his life on the line if it ever comes to that.

This is a more than fair compromise, and if you are a lady who disagrees then when the bullets start flying I will expect you on the front lines.

Didn’t think so…

Lesson 4: Avoid all drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography, or any similar vice.

This one should be self-explanatory, but in case it is not, I will explain it to you.

These things will destroy your life; they will cost you money and drain your soul, not to mention sperm count.

When I was going out for a “party” every weekend, I would routinely spend hundreds of dollars in a night, and then spend the entire following week miserable and depressed.

All for nothing.

I recently told a group of “normal people” that I regretted my youthful “party phase” (that lasted more than a decade) and they responded with unanimous scoffing and laughter. I let them scoff.

All I could think was “forgive them Lord; for they know not what they do.”

I truly wish I had never gone through this phase, I would be happier, healthier, and a hell of a lot wealthier.

Sure, enjoy a beer every now and then if you must, and can handle it, but all people would be better off simply abstaining.

Lesson 5: Speak truthfully and be honest in all actions.

As hard as it might be to tell the truth in some instances, the alternative is much worse.

If people see you as untrustworthy, it is almost impossible to change this attitude, “once a liar always a liar” as they say. Sure, you might cost yourself in the short term, but the cost will be far greater if you lie about things, you are only compounding the problem.

I have a simple rule, if someone asks me a question, I always give them an honest answer unless there is a compelling reason not to (ie you are protecting others). In my house, the answer to “do I look ugly in this?” is always “yes or no” based on my honest opinion.

If you do not want me to answer honestly, do not ask me in the first place.

Taking this path solves so many issues, as people soon learn that you are not going to sugarcoat anything to protect fragile egos and feelings.

“Honesty is the best policy” is not some lame advice your grandfather used to give you, it is a true and accurate reflection of reality, in the vast majority of cases it is best to be completely honest and without shame.

If people cannot handle what you have to say then that is their problem, and most people prefer candid honesty regardless of hurt feelings anyway.

Lesson 6: Avoid Debt and Interest Payments, and never get a credit card, ever.

For strong financial health, there is a really simply rule of thumb: if you cannot pay for it in cash, you cannot afford it.

Sure, there are exceptions to this rule, in the case of business investment, or if you need a vehicle for income (or the family in some cases, as long as it is easily paid off), but for the most part going into debt is just plain stupid.

You are signing yourself up freely as a debt slave to international financial oligarchs who think you are an idiot for letting them take your money so freely.

The added bonus is that if you are a Westerner they want you dead, and you are paying them.

Some people are going to say “but but but, what about buying a house, the Australian/American dream, gawd” to which the answer is the same, do not be a fool.

Houses in the West are inflated well above their worth thanks to state sponsored usury and mass immigration; they are not worth close to the asking price in most instances.

Your home is not an investment; it is a place for you to live. Even if homes were valued fairly, you are still paying to maintain the place.

Sure, boomers got nominal wealth thanks to Western housing bubbles, but this only means it is even more of a stupid decision to try to “get on the property ladder.”

There is no “property ladder,” there is only ever greater servitude to international financial oligarchs. There is nothing wrong, or shameful, about renting, these days you would almost be silly not to, unless you are lucky enough to inherit a home.

The parasite class take enough of your money through taxation already.

There is no reason to give them more, so just do not go into debt.

Lesson 7: Love God with all your heart.

The number one problem with the West right now is our abandonment of God the Father, and His son Jesus Christ. A large part of the West’s success is our faith to the one true God.

That is the God of the King James Bible, and no other Bible versions, this book is the perfect word of God and that is the complete and whole truth.

After spending my life looking everywhere at alternative ideas, different philosophies, and learning history, I can say this without any doubt in my mind.

If you disagree, it is highly likely you have not read it, or are living in a box and cannot see the world around you.

The King James Bible is essentially an instruction manual on how to live your life and organise society lest you incur God’s wrath and he destroys you. This would be true even if there were no God (which there is of course), because the natural order always reasserts itself in the way the Bible dictates.

This should be obvious to any honest Bible reader who has a basic understanding of human nature and history.

Love God, because aside from sending His only son to die for all our sins, he gave us this book as a gift to us that we might please Him and he might reward us for our faith.

The spiritual malaise over the West is seeing it destroyed; we abandoned God and he abandoned us, now we are flooded with foreigners while Satan worshiping, paedophile sodomites and usurers rule us.

Their homosexual proxy warriors demand, we “bake the cake” and lose our jobs for daring to speak His truth, and Christians still think “tolerance” is a virtue. Tolerating the intolerable is cowardice and slavery.

You cannot placate the implacable.

The Oligarch’s use our lack of faith for their own ends because it makes us weak and malleable, it is easier to divide and rule when everyone worships different idols.

This does not mean you need to head to the nearest church you can find; most Western churches are pathetic, weak, or spreading lies and false doctrine. God does command us to go to church, but right now finding a good one nearby is essentially impossible.

I always ask his forgiveness in this regard, and he forgives me because he is awesome.

If you have a good church near you then join it, if not then just worship the best you can, and if you can tolerate false doctrine (I find it impossible) then “the church down the street” is perfectly fine.

Read the true Bible (KJV only) and learn from Pastors who know what they are talking about, and are not afraid to preach the Bible honestly.

Better yet, if you think you are able then start your own church and preach the gospel regardless of whom it upsets.

Then watch this sermon, soon I pray you understand just how bad the situation is and that only God can save our civilisation, so he is the only one we should turn to.