The Uncuckables Ep. 44: Social Justice Kills


Topics discussed:

  • Wilson Gavin hounded to death by SJW’s
  • Australian bushfires
  • National Socialist flag flies in Aussie town
  • David Shoebridge has a whiney voice
  • The real story behind the Wivenhoe Dam enquiry
  • The Unshackler Awards

For those who missed last week’s episode, Tim Wilms and Richard Woolstencroft were joined by Reg Penny.

Matty’s Modern Life has started solo livestreams on Saturday nights over at Matty Rose Live. Here is some excellent reporting on the Australian bushfires.

And what the hell, here is the latest episode of Murdoch Murdoch. As fanciful as the narrative of World War 2 has become in one direction, Murdoch Murdoch present its antithesis.

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