MSM and SJW’s murder conservative activist


A young man named Wilson Gavin who led a protest against a so-called “drag queen story hour” in Brisbane a couple of days ago is believed to have killed himself. He was a member of the University of Queensland Liberal National Club, a Catholic, and a homosexual. He had been a vocal critic of fake marriage at the height of the debate a couple of year ago.

Here is Sky News on the confrontation at the taxpayer-funded event which went viral:

Naturally, the LNP abandoned and disavowed Gavin at the earliest opportunity, the MSM piled in to label him and the protesters as “homophobic”, he was threatened with legal action, and the Twitter trolls exploded into an orgy of abuse.

Cauldron Pool and The Unshackled have compiled excellent reports on this tragedy, and Lucas Rosas has exposed an organiser of the “drag queen” event as a Marxist activist. This fact is no surprise as the normalisation of gender dysphoria in children is the next step in the violation of natural law pursued by the eternal rebels now that fake marriage has been legalised across the West.

Blair Cottrell gets to the heart of the matter on Gab:

“A gay kid who protested against Drag-Queen story hour yesterday in Queensland was driven to suicide by Marxist abuse and a mainstream media bullying campaign.

“Marxists and associated “antifascists” have routinely profiled, stalked and harassed workers who oppose their social-political theories for years in Australia.
They are helped along by mainstream media journalists, particularly from Fairfax and state media companies, none of whom are ever held personally responsible for their slander and vitriolic attacks against working class people with their own views.

“Now a kid is dead and what are the prominent Marxists saying? “Not my fault”.

“It is your fault. You’re all cowards and bullies and you’re well aware of it. Cowardly, reactionary bullying is the whole extent of your political activity. It’s why you exist. You just killed a young fella for standing up for what he believed and let’s be honest, you don’t care. And big daddy state will cover for you, like always.

“Edit: Hollywood thots “The Veronikas” reportedly joined in on the bullying campaign and have now disabled all of their social media accounts.”

An example of a Marxist saying “Not my fault”:

Cauldron Pool skewered the executive director at Change.Org Australia and former GetUp campaign director:

Let’s get this very clear. The mainstream media and social justice warriors are responsible for Wilson Gavin’s suspected suicide. They are currently shedding crocodile tears but the fact is that this is what they want. They want us all dead.

It is vital that we dehumanise our Marxist opponents to the same level that they dehumanise us. There is never going to be some magical coming back together of Australians from all walks of life where we heal the wounds of the Culture War and learn to listen to each other again. This is not a conflict that can be solved “Democratically”.

These things we are up against are monsters. Switch off your empathy and treat them as monsters.