Unpunished no good deed ever goes


Unpunished no good deed ever goes.
And amidst all angst, change and woes,
There is never a smooth path for the weary to travel,
That the mentally ill won’t try to unravel.

Any gain, advancement or bright shining good,
Of all that our ancestors well understood
Will be brought undone, to cataclysmic roon,
By miserable Marxists singing their shameful loon.

We can never go back to what was before,
For Babylon will accelerate her malignant whore
But to be silent and accept, I cannot abide,
Even as into Hell’s abyss we slide.

I will not bend my knee to sing the lgbt tune,
I will not scrape nor bow before the inflated feminist moon,
I will not give accolade for multi culti perversity,
I wish nought but sudden death to post-modern diversity.

I will put my faith in God, The Son and Spirit eternal
For He will fight the foul vile daemons infernal,
And for us win, the great final victory
Ruling forever, over more than we can ever see.