Quote of the Day: Blair on trial, ISIS funder walks free


Gab is for now one of the freest places on the internet. No platform is perfect but if you want real information about what is going on in the world, or even your own state, go to Gab.

Blair Cottrell is currently on trial for actively opposing legislated multiculturalism in Victoria, and a couple of days ago he made the following observation regarding the the current priorities of the Victorian government:

“Yesterday in Melbourne, Isa Kocoglu, a 45 year old Islamic State supporter walked free from Victoria’s County Court with a good behaviour bond, after being charged with a Federal crime; supporting foreign terror incursions (sending money to Islamic State propagandist John Georgelas in Syria, and to others).

“This is only one of hundreds of similar cases which have state-imposed suppression orders made, meaning you can be arrested and charged for reporting on them. They just let one case through occasionally so it looks like this sort of thing is not that common and so they can say they “don’t suppress all of them” when questioned.

“Victoria has 5 times more suppression orders made on criminal matters than any other state in Australia. It is the Department of Public Prosecutions, a tax-payer funded law agency which is directed by the state government to apply for those suppression orders –and the courts continuously grant them.

“The types of cases being suppressed and the real reason for such a high volume of suppression orders granted in the last few years is yet to be investigated by any media journalists, who are probably too afraid of losing their miserable jobs by doing any actual investigative work.

“An example of a suppression order being applied by the courts and violated is the Tommy Robinson scenario in England, the government applied for a suppression order on a matter involving the largest Muslim rape and child-prostitution ring to ever be brought before the court. The court granted that order and as we know, the wrath of the media and of the law came down not on the pedophile rapists, but on the man who tried to tell the community about them.

“Regarding matters not officially suppressed, but still not reported on anyway, I’ll be up against the state’s Attorney General Jill Hennessy at the County Court of Victoria on Monday morning at 8am, trying to stay out of prison for apparently “intending to incite ridicule of Muslims on Facebook.”

“This matter drew a lot of attention from the media initially, but ever since the Attorney General stepped in and it became clear that the state government doesn’t actually give a shit about Muslims or the public, it just wants to create a new legal precedent for “thought-crime” and “hate-speech”, it seems now like there’s been a general consensus among media powers that it won’t be reported on.”

Here is a video of Tim Wilms from The Unshackled interviewing Blair Cottrell about his trial.

There is a reason this guy has been banned from normie social media and the powers that be are desperate to prevent him from speaking publicly. He is just too effective.

You can follow Blair Cottrell on Gab here, and The XYZ on Gab here.

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