The Uncuckables Ep. 25: Brexit and Youexit


Traitors in Britain have spent the last three years demanding a second referendum on Brexit. Yet now that Boris Johnson wants to hold a snap election – effectively a second refendum on Brexit – the traitors, led by traitor-in-chief Jeremy Corbyn, don’t want one.

The irony regarding the debate over a whether Great Britain should leave the European Union with or with a deal is this: If Great Britain leaves the EU, the EU will soon collapse. Hence, going to great lengths to secure a deal is pointless. Britain should simply leave as soon as it can.

Like the European Union, YouTube is doing its level best to destroy itself. Its globalist owners keep expelling independent content creators, and the ones who are left can see the writing on the wall and are building the parallel platforms so we no longer need YouTube.

With this in mind, you can now find all Episodes of The Uncuckables at James Fox Higgins’ page Rational Rise TV. He has created a platform where we can not only stream videos but also accept donations independently of Patreon. You will Lso find all XYZ Live episodes there as well as some written content from XYZ.

Last night on The Uncuckables we discussed Brexit and Youexit, as well as tougher sentences for pedophiles, Hong Kong, Matteo Salvini’s abortive bid for power, and potwntial footage of Jeffrey Epstein on his own island.

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