The Uncuckables Ep. 20: RatWorld


Our attention is being drawn back to the US as it gears up for another Presidential election:

  • Donald Trump’s comments on rat infested Baltimore.
  • Proud Boys charged for defending themselves against Antifa
  • Democrat debates.
  • Will Ilhan Omar get back with her brother?

There is still plenty to focus on here in Australia:

  • The Senate votes down a watered down One Nation immigration bill.
  • Leigh Sales gets yoghurted.
  • Should we not just increase Newstart but expand it to a UBI, in order to crash the economy to give this country the reset it so desperately needs?

And of course, good new from Great Britain:

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they may only have two children because kids are bad for the environment. We can honestly say we wish them all the best in their endevours. Perhaps they should just stick to one.