Erdogan incites Gallipoli terror attempt


Remember this?

“Your grandparents came here and saw that we were here, and some turned back on foot, some in caskets. If you come with the same intentions, you are always welcome. Have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfathers.”

There’s a word for that. It’s called incitement.

President Reccept Tayyip Erdogan even used Fraser Anning as a hate prop at another rally – check out the first few seconds of this vid:

Now this.

From the Australian:

A Syrian Islamic State supporter has been arrested for planning a terrorist attack just hours ahead of the Anzac Day dawn service in Gallipoli.

The suspect, Abdulkarem Hilef, 25, was born in eastern Syria, and unverified media reports suggest he was planning to either bomb the service or use a vehicle to drive into people. The Lebanese newspaper Aydinlik reports Turkish police sources saying the alleged attack was to be in retaliation for the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Turkey’s Anti-Terror Branch worked with police in Tekirdag, on the northern area of the peninsula and about two hours’ drive from Anzac Cove to make the arrest on Wednesday.

Police said they had been monitoring mobile phone communications and identified the suspect as a member of Islamic State and he was believed to be targeting the Anzac Day service.

The alleged terror suspect arrested in Turkey.

It would appear that the Turkish President understood just how seriously his words might be taken:

The Australian had revealed on Tuesday that Turkish authorities had been so concerned about the terror threat at the service that they had banned all Turkish nationals.

The Turkish government has imposed the strict ban on locals being anywhere on the peninsula for the service, including bus drivers and tour guides, only a month after President Recep Tayyip ­Erdogan spoke about sending Australians home in body bags, and the Turkish media repeatedly broadcast footage of the Christchurch massacre during political campaigning.

Naturally, just as waterlily Scott Morrison was happy to accept that Erdogan’s original comments were “taken out of context” he has been happy to play down the arrest of the man the Turkish President incited to harm Australians, in order to protect the good relationship Australia has with the people who illegally stole the land of the Roman Empire and ridiculously now claim it as their own homeland:

Scott Morrison has downplayed fears of a potential terrorist attack at Gallipoli and says there has not yet been a link established between the arrest by Turkish services and the service later today.

The Prime Minister said in Townsville today that it was a “routine arrest” and reports were inconclusive on whether Hilef was planning to attack Gallipoli services.

“It is fairly routine for Turkish authorities to arrest people with suspected terrorist links,” he said.

“The reports that we are receiving are inconclusive about any link between that arrest and any possible planned event at Gallipoli itself.”

Those goddam electrical fires are springing up everywhere..

The irony again is that President Erdogan has demonstrated the difference between the globalist leaders of the West and the leader of every other nation on earth. When a European nation suffers a terrorist attack, we are essentially told to identify with the attacker and the attacker’s people, to not blame the religion of the attacker or make any generalisations about the attacker’s people, because the people to whom the attacker belongs are somehow just as legitimate citizens of our country as we are, even though they got here like, a minute ago.

Leaders of non-Western nations have not yet been infected with globalist brainAids, and thus react to massacres of their own people with rage, and threats to murder the attacker’s people in retaliation. It is important to understand then that although President Erdogan did incite this terrorist attempt on Aussies and Kiwis at Gallipoli, his reaction to the Christchurch incident was completely normal human behaviour.

It is our own leaders who are the odd ones out, and treasonously so.