Viewer Poll: Should Clementine Ford be allowed to be employed by the ABC?


Clementine Ford is hated by pretty much every bloke in Australia who doesn’t actually hate himself. Seriously, a so-called “man” would have to hate himself to not hate her.

She literally uses the “Kill all men” meme as her automatic go to:

Refreshingly, in recent times Pigentine Pig has discovered that she cannot get away with such blatant hatespeech indefinitely. In May 2018 her invitation to speak at a domestic violence event for Lifeline, a suicide prevention group, was unceremoniously revoked after an online petition against her appearance garnered 14,000 signatures.

Last week she rage quit her job at Fairfax, which had been gobbled up by Nine after Clementine and her communist ilk had made it disastrously unprofitable.

Just when we all thought she may eat herself to death, as it is likely Ford would be too lazy to catch a bus to Centrelink, the taxpayer-funded ABC offered her a job. This was not unusual nor unforeseeable, given the far-left broadcaster’s frequent propagation of conspiracy theories such as the wage-gap myth, the stolen generation myth and its anti-white racism.

However, there is this little thing called the ABC Charter. This requires the ABC to avoid political bias. Given Clementine Ford’s militant, extreme leftism, it is the responsibility of the government to intervene to prevent such a divisive figure from receiving funds from the people of Australia, and to ensure that the ABC represents all Australians.

Let’s put it to a vote.

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