Get out of this socialist shithole before they gas you


The one billion dollar hole in the ground. The “What African Gangs Crisis?” Crisis. The condoning of union thuggery. The red shirts scandal. The blatant use of Antifa terrorists as tool of intimidatory state violence. Telling little boys to cut their penis off.

None of it matters.

“We are the most progressive government in the country.”

Get out.

From nEwS.CoM:

Daniel Andrews hit the ground running on day one of his second term as Victorian premier as both state and federal Liberals try to work out how to recover from the disastrous state election.

Mr Andrews has put the Labor victory — the scale of which shocked even the winners — down to a progressive and positive agenda and a bold infrastructure plan that delivers for future generations.

He expects voters will see the same thing in federal Labor leader Bill Shorten when he fights new Prime Minister Scott Morrison at next year’s general election due by May.

“(Federal Labor will) campaign hard right across the country to get that precious gift, the opportunity not just to defeat our opponent, but to have the responsibility and the opportunity to make our nation better,” he told ABC TV.

Pressure is building for change in the state Liberal party at both the parliamentary and organisational levels. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s future is under a cloud after he led the Liberals to a traumatic defeat where it lost some of its traditional strongholds.

The Liberals could end up with just 22 seats, while the Nationals will have six. The coalition went into the election with 37 seats.

This is a party which literally utilised Antifa terrorists to stop an infrastructure project it did not want the Liberal Party to build, then sicked them on any conservatives who openly spoke in public. Now, they plan to plunge us further into debt to fund the infrastructure for the people who are going to replace us:

His second term Labor government is promising to deliver more road and rail and plans to borrow $25 billion for it, doubling net debt to 12 per cent of gross state product.

Before the election, he said his first order of business once re-elected would be to kickstart work on Monday on Melbourne’s $15.8 billion North East Link toll road.

The new infrastructure plans for Melbourne are huge. They will need to be. Melbourne is one of the two main dumping grounds for the hundreds of thousands of people who come to Australia every year. Most new immigrants are from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Left unchecked, these new migrants will replace the native white population who are simply not having enough babies.

The government needs all these new migrants because Australia doesn’t have an economy, other than constantly bringing in new customers for the housing industry. They are keeping one of the most crucial segments of the white working class well payed and happy while they build the homes for the people who will replace us.

This is why we have to talk about race. Whenever a leftist accuses a conservative of using the pressure that mass migration puts on city infrastructure as a dog whistle for racism, they are correct. We have used the issue of infrastructure as a dog whistle because we are too cowardly to talk about race. But race is one of the key reasons the left and the fake right favour mass immigration.

They want to replace us.

We made a fuss about infrastructure. So they are borrowing billions of dollars, on which which your white children will be heavily taxed to service interest repayments, to fund the infrastructure for the people who will replace you.

They called our bluff.

So, name the problem for what it is. This is about race. It is the only thing that will wake people up, because there is something which stirs inside the human spirit when you acknowledge a part of yourself which has been denied and suppressed by those around you or the system in which you reside, and once awake it is unstoppable.

Arguments about infrastructure, free speech, individual liberty, government debt, they will not work. The left have full spectrum dominance over every aspect of society – education, the media, the institutions, the corporations, entertainment. Everybody knows that if they are to succeed in public life they have to signal to Cultural Marxist values, and everybody knows that to be polite in social circles we must do the same.

This Marxist dominance is so complete that our overlords are openly mocking us for raising a fuss about the violence committed by the people who will replace us:

Everybody should have an escape plan. Get out of this socialist shithole before they gas you.