Quote of the Day: Slash the ABC


An excellent spot from Keating is this article by Paul Murray in the West Australian.

Murray makes some excellent points about ABC bias:

“Of course [John Faine’s] first reaction to the removal of Guthrie by the corporation’s board was about her gender. You only need to go to the ABC’s news website on any day to get the sledgehammer reality that gender is the prevailing concern of its journalists.

“It ranks just ahead of race. And then comes perverse attitudes to societal equality.

“The real concerns of Middle Australia are a mystery to this elitist clique.”

He also points out that so-called ABC “comedy” is not funny, the sillines of the Greens and Labor Party members’ obsession with so-called “political interference” when the ABC is so clearly in breach of its charter, and the absurdity of the proposed Project Jetstream, which would have sucked another HALF A BILLION DOLLARS of stolen Australian taxpayer money just so the ABC could skew the digital media sphere even further to the far left.

His most impressive point, and The XYZ Quote of the Day, is his proposed solution:

“Critics who argue that the ABC should be sold are misguided and waste their political opportunities. There is really nothing much of value other than its licence to suck money from the taxpayer.

“Now that the board needs to focus on a new leader to chart the corporation’s course, the Government has an opportunity to provide some direction about its future.

“And that should be a vision of reducing the ABC to supplying only services that are not or cannot be provided by the private sector.

“This is the time for downsizing what has become an over-indulged, out-of-control and largely unnecessary waste of taxpayer funds.”

Spot on.

The ABC will never, ever be even a half decent public broadcaster ever again. It is thoroughly compromised by the left. Any attempt to clean it out will only delay its slide to the far left. There is no need for it to provide news, current affairs or investigative journalism in the internet age. The final solution to the problem of political bias at the ABC is to get rid of the ABC. The ABC should be reduced to a handfull of Emergency Broadcast stations dotted around Australia.

It’s your XYZ.