Infiltration: A story of communism and socialism on campus



From the Trotskyists of the Socialist Alternative and the Greens, to the Stalinists of the various communist societies and clubs such as the Adelaide Communist Club and the Maoists of the Confucius Institute, the Australian university experience is peppered with socialists and communists of varying persuasions. Such a powerful stranglehold of socialist and communist influences has inevitably resulted in a toxic degradation of university life, once a place of learning throughout all faculties with varying perspectives encouraged, now reduced to small hold outs in STEM fields.

Now socialists have gained influence to such a degree where they can openly intimidate opposition and visiting politicians alike, without any professional or social repercussion (see video below). But it doesn’t have to be this way. Shortly I will discuss some methods by which conservatives and centrists can resist the infestation of Socialism on our campuses and restore them as places of dialogue, not conflict.

According to SAlt, this is perfectly acceptable.

As conservatives, we have several actions we can conduct to resist the scourge of Socialism on campus:

During student elections, I urge all university students reading this to vote for a conservative party, regardless of how trivial it feels. By exercising your democratic voting rights, we will be able to resist the rise of Socialism on campus by peaceful means.
I implore you to report any misconduct or harassment by socialists to the appropriate university authorities. I myself have been intimidated and singled out by Socialist thugs who have labelled me as a “Nazi,” (whilst ignoring the leftist economics of the national socialist regime and freely posting the flag of a nation which pillaged and raped my people, on their social media). Such reports were taken seriously by the university which conducted appropriate action.
I ask all of you to take such resistance beyond the campus halls. Whether it is something simple like posting social media posts or writing articles and blogs on sites such as XYZ, or something large such as holding counter rallies and protests, we all can push back against the pandemic of leftism in modern society. Other writers on this very site have explained the inner workings of the Socialist Alternative and other organisations thus allowing you, the reader, to better understand your ideological rival.

It’s too long that far left extremist groups have been tolerated on campus.

We must let the all of these groups like the Socialist Alternative, the Disarm campaign, Socialist Alliance and others, understand that we won’t stand for their conduct and disorderly behaviour, nor their intimidation, slander and harassment of conservative students and staff.

We must resist their dominance and censorship on and off campus, and make such resistance a regular part of our lives as opposed to a side show in our schedules.

Signing out…