Quote of the Day: Go back to your bath house


Alex Jones has been described as a highly entertaining lunatic. He also happens to nail it from time to time, he is more popular than most cable news networks, and he is a steadfast enemy of the globalists. It is why the gangster deep state has shut him down.

He isn’t one to go quietly though. Here he is taking on open borders advocate Little Marco Rubio, outside a Senate Hearing ostensibly aimed at preventing foreign interference in US elections:

Rubio tries to pretend he doesn’t know who Jones is, before losing the confrontation and running away like a little girl. He has no comeback to this great one liner:

“Go back to your bath house.”

Wonder what Jones knows…

Alex Jones may be a highly entertaining lunatic, but he is also a very intelligent lunatic. Having chased off Little Marco Rubio back to his Bath House, Jones now had the opportunity to get his message out to dying media outlets who still have access to a mass audience. Here is his main point:

“The real election meddling is about Facebook and Google and others that are shadow-banning people, that are outright blocking people, and they’re blocking conservatives involved in their own first amendment political speech. There is a giant crackdown (that even the New York Times has called it a crackdown) on conservatives, and a real plan to deplatform conservatives from the internet and communicating with each other – just like communist China. This is dangerous authoritarianism.”

The election meddling isn’t being committed by foreign powers against the US. Election meddling is being committed by the deep state entrenched in the US political system.

The mainstream media and the deep state must be destroyed.

It’s your XYZ.