Poll Result: Massive Majority of Aussies Back Fraser Anning On Immigration Vote


Here is a comparison of the earth next to Uranus:

Uranus is a gas giant.. from imgflip.

Here is a T-Rex next to a hot chick:

From Deviant Art.

Here is a The Executor crashing into the Death Star at the climax of Return of the Jedi:

From scifi.stackexchange.

Although apparently to scale, it should have looked like this:

From scifi.stackexchange.

And here is a comparison of how many people think Australians should have a say in how many people get let into this country versus those who don’t:

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If ever there was an example of how badly out of touch our entire political and media establishment are with ordinary Australians, this is it. To emphasise the point, going by the comments on our poll, many of those who voted “no” did so because they believe such a vote would be rigged, and they would prefer that the Australian parliament just did its job and legislated to reduce immigration.

And if you think it is just the RWNJ’s at The XYZ who believe this, think again:

We could go on:

But we think you get the picture.

(Incidentally, if all goes to plan, we should have Senator Fraser Anning on our XYZ live stream tomorrow night at 9:15 AEST.  You’ll find us at Matty Rose Live.)

So, what does this mean?

The conservative majority in this country get energised whenever a real conservative gets up and says what real conservatives actually think, and doesn’t back down when the far-left throw a tantrum at them. We are seeing this happen with increasing frequency in Australia, with David Leyonhjelm, Blair Cottrell and Fraser Anning being just the latest to confront the feral left and to be able to hold their heads higher as a result. We all know where this can lead:

From rebrn.

Regualr Australians are champing at the bit for our own Donald Trump. It is up to our conservative leaders to make it happen.

And they can make it happen. Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott, any one of the real conservative left in the Coalition, should challenge the Traitor Turnbull and take back control of the Liberal Party. From there, they should enact the following policies:

  • Sell the ABC and SBS
  • End all university funding and severely restrict the number of foreign students allowed into Australia
  • Institute a Muslim country ban similar to that instituted by Donald Trump in the USA
  • Scrap Gonski, NDIS, and end all welfare, except that given to farmers, veterans, the elderly and the utterly destitute
  • Establish a permanent Royal Commission into union corruption
  • Order the police to end African crime and destroy the terorist outfits Antifa, SAlt and CARF

When the Senate blocks these policies, call a snap election.

In the meantime, every Federal Independent and Minor Party MP and Senator on the conservative side of politics should set aside any economic or philosophical differences they have, and form a united conservative party to pull the Coalition to the right in the same way the Greens pull Labor to the left. They should call themselves the Rebel Alliance and run on one, single policy:

  • End immigration to Australia.

Do it today.

You’ll have the people behind you.