XYZ Live #24 – Lauren Southern’s Visa Rejected, Leyonhjelm updates and more


This livestream was recorded on Monday night, before Stefan Molyneux’s and Lauren Southern’s visas were granted, but the discussion is still very much relevant:

  • We dispelled the fake news that Lauren Southern applied for the wrong visa.
  • Discussed the insanity that granting visas to two white people was so drawn out while we let in hundreds of thousands of foreigners every year.
  • Explored, with our typical toxic masculinity, whether or not Lauren Southern should be in the home rather than traversing the world stage.

Following this, we dismissed any chance of success for Sarah Hanson-Young’s threatened legal action against David Leyonhjelm, delved into a number of Stefan Moyneux’s pet topics, navigated the occasional technical difficulty, and rambled on in response to viewer questions.