Degenerate SJW’s triggered by degenerate band’s degeneracy


The PC brigade don’t like pussy:

“American glam metal satirists, Steel Panther have faced an onslaught of backlash recently over the name of their signature guitar pedal, the ‘Pussy Melter’. A number of musicians have come forward to express their disdain for the name, citing its sexist undertones, calling for the product to be pulled.

“As of this morning, the pedal manufacturer TC Electronics have issued a statement on their website, removing the product from its listings, acknowledging the inappropriate nature of the name.”

Unless they do it:

Photo by tedeytan

It can be theorized that the ones complaining about being offended are, in fact, pussies themselves. Therefore, they were doing it out of a pure justification for self preservation as they would have melted.

It’s the current year!

The irony is, Steel Panther represents everything the SJW’s stand for; degeneracy, and a complete inversion of morality and aesthetics:

I find it hilarious that with all the evil going on in the world – murders, rape epidemics, hunger, poverty, oppression – that a big old huff is made about a musical effects pedal.

Fun is now offensive, so you should go about your day in humdrum drudgery and obey the psychotic SJW hordes, while systematically letting humanity destroy itself.

Let’s see what the XYZ community can come up with as a replacement name for the “Pussy Melter” effects pedal. We’ll send the best ideas to Steel Panther! I’ll start:

  • Hipster Tears
  • Cum Dumpster Destroyer
  • Grab them by the Pussy
  • Not a Pussy
  • Infidel 5000

It’s your XYZ.