Welcome to the Jungle


This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/ on July 18, 2018, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

Nightgerbil comments on my article on the horrible perils of mass-invasion:

“wow…Just WOW. You couldnt write something like this in the UK. Im not sure if it would get you prosecuted for hate speech, but would certainly get you fired. I’d like to debate you on this as I think your going WAY way to far, but its to dangerous, for me personally, to even touch this. So as a long time reader I’ll just leave it with the comment I disagree.”

As I said in my reply, welcome to the jungle, mate. It’s time to grow a pair.

Nightgerbil is a long time reader of my previous video-gaming blog. I’m pretty sure that this blog is new to him, otherwise he would have not been so taken back by what I wrote.

Commenter SPQR had something to say as well:

“So, just so I’m clear, “when push comes to shove” how far back do we go to send people back to their motherland? 20 years? 2 generations? Do we go back as far as WWII and send the Italians and Greeks (those that are still alive), then their children and grandchildren?”

Once the whirlwind begins, wrought from the craven deeds of leftists whose primary goal was to destroy our country and people, then who knows where it will end. That is the great problem with horrible long term decisions; the solutions are equally horrible. Which is why conservatives continue to kick the can down the road while pretending to have “standards” as their lame efforts conserve exactly nothing.

I am sure that people will call me racist and all the usual slurs when that article gets cross-posted today on XYZ magazine. I don’t care. I care about my nation, and my people, and my culture. The Poles care too which is why those same slurs have no effect on them.

SPQR had one last line to leave me:

“Boy, once they’re all gone the food’s really gonna suck.”

The food line is wearing thin in the face of the total implosion of our nation through mass invasion of undesirable and incompatible foreigners. Learn to cook, mate.

Photo by raider of gin