Strangers in a once familiar land


An opinion piece in The Australian takes a hefty stick to the cult of multiculturalism – Multiculturalism has failed: let’s cut immigration, refugee intake. For anyone even vaguely familiar with the talking points on the nationalist right over the past few years there is nothing here that is new or surprising. In fact, quite a bit of the article is either incorrect or half-baked.

“The age of empires was over. What replaced it was the nation state. Empires over two centuries broke down into independent countries with their own flags, anthems, emblems and jurisdictions.”

Hardly. The age of empires replaced the nation states that were consumed and subverted by the empires. The failure of the empires saw a return to what had existed before, which was the nation state. It’s also critical to keep in mind that the term nation refers not to borders drawn on a map, but to a homogenous body of people sharing family ties, a shared history, religion and customs, and culture.

“What seems like rational policy is actually based on emotion. Mass immigration defeats the whole point of nation states replacing empires. Instead of transcending tribalistic tendencies, mass immigration provides the seedbed for inter-ethnic hostilities and re-­creates the conflict-prone environments of imperial times. Except back then, the rulers came to the ruled by force. Today the ruled come to the rulers by choice.”

The rulers only remain in charge until the biological realities slap them on the face. When they are outnumbered then those who immigrated then take over.

These are not immigrants; they are invaders.

“But as the age-old adage goes: charity begins at home. Self-preservation comes first. The way forward is to scale back our annual intake of legal immigrants from 190,000 to half that.”

No, the intake of legal invaders needs to be reduced to zero. But even more than that, those who are already here, those that have already invaded, they need to go back to where they came.

Like the author of the quoted opinion piece, one Sherry Sufi, who is the chairman of the WA Liberal Party’s policy committee.

Sherry Sufi.

Mr Sufi has managed to get into Australia, or perhaps he was born here due to his parents getting into the country; I’m not sure as it seems to be rather difficult to find any information about Sufi online. But now that he is here and is enjoying the benefits of a Western country like Australia, he has no desire to share this with his smelly countrymen. So he wishes to pull up the drawbridge of his adopted country.

Adopted country. It’s an important distinction to make. Even if he was born here and speaks with a nice Aussie accent, he is not an Australian. Just as a white guy being born and growing up in India is not an Indian.

Now when the levels of immigration are extremely modest and the host country can easily absorb the new arrivals then there are no real problems to speak of. But we are not faced with that reality. In Australia we are faced with a situation where we are being pushed out of our own cities by the mass arrival of foreign invaders. This has the end result that all of the foreigners, both the good ones and the bad, will inevitably be lumped in together when things go bad.

That is and will be the great tragedy of the suicidal leftist push for mass immigration.

The glue that binds together our societies is not economics, but rather biology, as The Z Man states so well.

“Hoppe’s critique of democracy has merit, but his error is the same made by the Western ruling class over the last half century. That is, the assumption that political economy is the the horse that pulls the cart of human society. What Muslim immigration is teaching Europe is that biology is what drives society. Get the biology right and you can make any political system work, but the only way social democracy can work is in a homogeneous population.”

I commented on the piece in The Australian and I received this comment from someone else in response to my own:

“No one is talking about repatriation. It’s not relevant whether the author is an immigrant or 10th generation Australian.”

No one is talking about repatriation yet. But that’s the direction, the inevitable direction, in which this is headed. And it is completely relevant whether the author is an immigrant since the topic at hand is immigration. And when push comes to shove it won’t matter how many generations that your family has been in Australia; it will be biology that decides the issue as it always has done throughout human history.

But if Mr Sufi’s compatriots continue to invade Australia at the rate that they are presently doing then perhaps Mr Sufi won’t have to leave at all. Perhaps it will be the white Australians that will have to do the leaving. As the South Africans are now discovering, if you give up the top dog position then someone else will fill the vacancy, and at your expense.

The reason that this topic is now being openly discussed like this in newspapers in Australia is because whites are belatedly waking up to the fact that they are very close to becoming strangers in a once familiar land. And the only remedy for the situation is for people like Mr Sufi, good people I am sure, to go back.

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Photo by Glenn Reilly