XYZ Live #18 – Free Tommy Robinson, Melbourne Protests, Venezuelan Migrant Crisis and more


David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life were joined again by El Dia Opina to discuss the big events of the last 72 hours.

Given we have frequently discussed the fact that Great Britain is descending into a totalitarian state, we lightly covered the headline topic of the arrest and jailing of Tommy Robinson and the protests in England and Australia to support him. The encroaching socialism in Great Britain led to a discussion of the collapsing socialism in Venezuela.

We took the opportunity to respond in some depth to an challenge by the Amazing Atheist that the way to trap a conservative regarding Karl Marx is to make them explain exactly what their issue is with Marxism – naturally, David and Matty are quite well versed on this. David also explains the history behind the helicopter meme.

We then responded enthusiastically to the coming tour of Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern to Australia, and we discussed the pros and cons of some of their ideas, before the conversation degenerated into blatant racial profiling regarding Colombians and Peruvian Marching Candy.