My Tribute to Anzac Day, Heroism and True Sacrifice


This is some stirring stuff from Matty’s Modern Life:

“It’s past time we stare down evil just as (the ANZAC’s) did. We are blessed with wealth and security they never had. We are blessed with a life relatively free of violence and war. Do not let it slip away on vague promises of equality and social justice.

“We cannot allow ourselves to stay silent for fear of childish names like “racist” or “xenophobe”… All that matters is that we remember why we are here. All that matters are the sacrifices of men that are far braver than we have ever been.

“They gave their lives so that you could be free. Why are you so scared of calling yourself a patriot and standing up for your nation? Because some triggered leftist a work might be upset? What matters more; comfort at work now, or the survival of your family and nation?”

Lest we forget.