Never trust a white knight


I received a comment this week on the 2nd episode of my new podcast, The Greasy Pole from regular reader and commenter Heresolong.

“You guys might want to actually listen to a whole podcast before ripping it apart, rather than having one of your two hosts listen to half a podcast and then draw conclusions based on that limited knowledge. Actually Stefan Molynieux spent just as much time ripping the idiotic behavior of the woman as he did pointing out what a sleaze Ansari whatever his name is. Additionally, The Great One’s comments that it was Stefan who was aghast at the behavior of Ansari is completely off the mark, as it was the woman who was all bent out of shape about Ansari’s behavior, as expressed in the article they were reading. Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis, for no particular reason, when you probably would have agreed with him if you’d bothered to find out what he actually said.”

I sighed a little at this because I knew that I now had to watch the video myself. But when a challenge such as this is shot across my bows I feel the need to find out if there is an outside chance that I am wrong.

Well I’m happy to say that I was not wrong at all.

The video in question:

In the podcast The Great One accused Stefan Molynieux and Owen Benjamin of being white knighting retards. My own reactions were based on what he told me about the video. I trusted The Great One that he was giving me an accurate picture.

If anything he understated the amount of white knighting that goes on in that video.

The first 6 minutes or so are dedicated to the two of them flogging each others products and appearances and then Owen Benjamin gives a little bit of a back story of his personal interactions with Aziz Ansari and how he hangs out with Vince Vaughn, (cool story, bro!)

Then we’re into the topic at hand which is an article that Aziz’s date wrote about their night together which apparently was “the worst night of her life”.

56 seconds later, (so the 6:56 mark), I knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything that The Great One related to me was true. That’s all the time that I needed. Stefan Molynieux is not just a gigantic white knight – he doesn’t understand a thing about women. He is a blue pill beta made manifest.

Stefan begins by reading the start of the piece and giving the background information that Aziz is in his 30s while his date was 22. At this point Stefan looks a little uncomfortable but then admits that there is nothing wrong with this per se … but …

“I’m not sure how women as a whole, when they’re 22 anticipate that they are going to be intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally fascinating to very successful guys in their thirties.”

Actually that’s the 6:30 mark. It took me 30 seconds to work it out.

Hey guys, just a question: when you go down to the pub to pick up some chicks are you contemplating the level of intellectual, spiritual and emotional fascination that awaits you over a couple of glasses of Chateau Pigskin? Or are you going to be checking out the tits and arse that is on display? Just wondering.

Intellectual, spiritual and emotional fascination? Emotional?? Is Stefan actually a chick? This is a serious question because these things are what women look for. Not men. Women are interested in emotions and feelings and spirituality. Men are interested in intellectual stuff, it is true, but we look for that in the company of other men.

There is no reason for me to go any further with that video, (although the comments underneath make hilarious reading). Stefan Molynieux is a white knight blue pilled beta orbiter. Which means that I now have to address one of the points in Heresolong’s comment:

“Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis …”

Yes, about that. Firstly I criticize people on what they say, not what they say as compared to things that they may have got right in the past. Being on target a few times does not give you a free pass when you get something else so spectacularly wrong. But here’s the thing – Stefan talks almost exclusively on the modern culture wars. But the modern culture wars are predicated on the underlying upheaval of the male-female dynamic in Western society. Which means that to commentate faithfully on the culture wars you must have already swallowed the red pill on women.

It is just not possible to be a reliable commentator on this subject if you are blue pilled. The red pill as regards to women is the basis for everything. If you have that wrong then everything else that you say is potentially clouded. Australian conservative journalist Andrew Bolt is another great example of this on which I have written before. Any hint of “disrespecting women” on the part of anyone on his own side and Bolt is atop his trusty stead to gallop off into battle on behalf of the oppressed wymens everywhere. The day before the US election and he was still calling for Trump’s head based on the pussy joke situation.

Stefan Molynieux is now firmly in the same box. He is simply untrustworthy as a fighter on our side in the culture wars. As for Owen Benjamin, the fact that Stefan is hanging around extremely minor Hollywood players is also troublesome. Hollywood is the enemy. Those guys only have one allegiance and that is to their careers. The only people in Hollywood that are on our side and trustworthy are Billy Baldwin and James Woods. Not even Clint Eastwood is trustworthy now after his latest film that glorifies the joys of single-motherhood.

Never trust a white knight. They might seem to be rock solid on many issues but as soon as you trigger their inherent blue pill weaknesses then they will throw you and your entire side under the bus in an attempt to prove their virtuousness to females everywhere.

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