Quote of the Day: Send all the Sudanese to Melbourne


Quote of the Day comes from the same thread we mentioned yesterday. XYZ readers have given us a goldmine of ideas on how to deal with the Sudanese Question. Here is another:

“Don’t send them back. Not yet.
By all means, don’t bring any more in either.

“But I feel it’s important that we send /all/ the Sudanese in Australia to Melbourne and just let them turn it into Chicago or Detroit first. We need a city to be utterly overrun and unlivable to really open the eyes of the general population into refusing to vote for anyone who won’t put an immediate ten year moratorium on all migration to this country.”

Don’t #NukeMelbourne just yet. It may still be of some use to us.

Both Chicago…

…and Detroit…

…are excellent examples of what happens when socialists are allowed to destroy a city’s economy, the people who made the city great move out, and are replaced in dwindling numbers by dindus.

Many people will remain wilfully blind to the folly, but enough people will notice patterns so that the next time someone who speaks like this can make a big difference:

It’s your XYZ.