Why do people cheat in relationships?


Editor’s note: What I love about MattysModernLife’s videos is that he shows how human behaviour manifests as a direct result of human biology. The follow on from this is that traditional social structures are not social constructs, but develop as a direct reflection of their biological origin. For example, until the last few decades, we lived in a patriarchy because men ***were*** naturally dominant. There was nothing wrong with it. It was natural, good, and it just was.

This video looks at the different reasons why men and women, in general, cheat. In each case, it is as a consequence of biological strategy. To reproduce their genes, men try to spread their seed as far and wide as possible, so cheating increases the chances of their genes surviving by increasing their chances of procreation. To reproduce their own genes, women require a man who can provide them with resources. Cheating can be a way of attaining a man with more resources (hypergamy) therefore increasing the likelihood of providing an abundance of resources for their offspring to prosper.

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