Food for thought – Politicking Down Under

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

When it comes to the cancer of Cultural Marxism I like to identify as an asshole, who enjoys spending all my White cis gender male time fertilising Fabian fury with superb shitposting.

Call me racist, but I’m not enthused about living in a borderless world filled with low IQ mixed-race brown people that (((they))) can rule over from Israel.

Call me crazy, but I’m not a fan of internet monopolies like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like being policed by Jewish supremacists from the (((Anti-Defamation League))).

Call me sexist, but I’m not a fan of infrequent egg producing Aussie women (who’re in their prime) being enlisted for war while banning male recruits into the Australian armed forces.

Call me uneducated, but I’m not a fan of Universities charging exorbitant rates while being so degenerate as to allow students to pick their own grades in order to avoid student stress.

Call me weird, but I’m not a fan of dubious “parents” rearing children on gender neutral dogma while they proactively assist 8 year-old boys to scantly dress in drag and dance for adults.

With the Jews seeking the global outlawing of infant foreskins, and Muslims doing likewise with the added feature of female genital mutilation, this asshole suggests we assign the practice of Semitic slicing solely to giant genitals agitating for full communism.

Food for thought.