Quote of the Day: XYZ readers shut down intolerance & hate


Today on The XYZ’s Facebook page, in the comments section for the article 14 Reasons that Same-Sex Marriage is not about Equality, an intolerant bigot made the following comment:

“—- I would have thought you of all people were better than this?”

The commenter’s friend had liked an XYZ post on the internet, or just liked XYZ, and so the person was utilising Social Shaming 101 to enforce conformity with acceptible groupthink.

The XYZ readers, however, are no snowflakes:

“Clearly —-, you are far superior to all of us and your opinion more important than ours collectively….or not.”

Spot on.  Then this:

“You of all people are better than this”? So your friend has a differing opinion then you do regarding traditional marriage and suddenly you think it’s your job to police her beliefs? You think you hold some kind of moral high ground that makes you a “better person” because you support gay marriage? Some friend you are, GTFO of here with your garbage virtue signaling.”

The XYZ was founded on the platform of free speech.  People of all political persuations come to The XYZ to chat, debate, argue and fight, and the same-sex marriage issue has been no exception.  But to see people telling high-minded busy bodies where to shove their attempts to force politically correct, Cultural Marxist social engineering down our throats, couldn’t make me prouder.

Comments such as “—- I would have thought you of all people were better than this?” are why people like us voted for Donald Trump, Pauline Hanson and Brexit.  It is why the left are scared stiff of consulting the Australian people on an issue which will fundamentally change the nation.

And it is why there is going to be a revolution and a restoration, because a line is being drawn in the sand: Westerners want their West back.