The New and Improved Definition of Antisemitism


Governments around the world are in the process of attempting to outdo one another in order to define and redefine antisemitism. This has been prompted by the shock experienced by Jews at being subject to criticism, which has been brought about by Israel’s efforts to wipe the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants from the face of the earth.

These attempts at defining antisemitism are nebulous at best. But I believe that a one word offering is enough to correctly and accurately pinpoint what it means to be an antisemitic in this day and age.

My one word definition for antisemitism is this:


There has been a lot of noticing going on of late, and this has sent the Jews into somewhat of a panic. You may have noticed that far-left protesters on the side of the Palestinian cause have been getting their heads smacked in by police on American college campuses, the same police that just a couple of years ago bowed their heads to the great Negro and refused to quell the riots due to the death of a criminal drug dealer.

I can’t breathe.

I too have been guilty of noticing recently. I have noticed that an Orthodox bishop was attacked by a knife wielding 16 year old youth in Sydney. The youth seemed to shout a well known Muslim praise to god as he committed his deed. I have since noticed that the Australian government has desperately tried to wipe the video of the attack from the internet, a classic case of the Streisand effect in action. (And there is a certain level of irony there in itself seeing as Streisand herself is a Jew).

The blogger named Jim has also noticed the strange nature of the attack on the bishop.

But the odd thing is, Bishop Emmanuel has not said or done anything that would particular piss off Mohammedans, while he had said and done lots of things that outrage the demon worshipers running the west, including calling them demon worshipers …

… Since the attack, an army of shills, most of them with Tel Aviv network addresses, have been vigorously using it to promote war between based Christians and based Muslims — a position that, of course, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is vigorously opposing right now, and that I also oppose.

The Jews are fine practitioners of the art of using assassination not just to rid themselves of an enemy that is doing them harm, but of using such a blow as ammunition to stoke a fire in another direction. Ron Unz recently wrote a long piece detailing the types of historical machinations of which the Jews are adept.

Unz is allowed to notice in such a manner because he himself is a Jew. Tucker Carlson is not a Jew, and thus his own noticing has caused Jews that pretend to be Americans to go off the deep end, particularly after he interviewed a Palestinian Christian pastor who lives in Bethlehem.

But back to the Sydney bishop. I found it curious that the attacker was a very young man. But if he was being used both as an assassin and also to cause religious strife between Christians and Muslims, then his youth would help in that regard, seeing as young men of that age are easily impressionable and are incredibly ignorant. Any serious interrogator in the Australian government, if such a person exists, won’t be able to get anything of value out of him that could cause an increased level of noticing to occur.

I have also noticed that our favorite generation, The Boomers, are really all-in on their love for Israel and the Jews. Israel could come and personally drop a gigantic turd of top of their house and they would somehow manage to retrofit such an assault to the benefit of their unrequited great love.

But the other younger generations? Not so much Jewish love going on there. But there sure is a hell of a lot of noticing.

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