Black Pigeon Speaks: Why We Need To Genetically Engineer White Superhumans Now


Black Pigeon Speaks has, as usual, provided a thought provoking video. Here, he discusses the science and ethics of eugenics and genetic engineering.

The West’s average IQ has declined since the Victorian era through a combination of two factors:

  1. A more affluent society and better medical care has allowed those with lower IQ’s to live longer and have more children, in turn weakening the evolutionary imperative for high IQ. A eugenic system has been replaced by a disgenic system.
  2. The mass importation of people into the West from areas of the world with lower average IQ’s.

Before you are triggered, google the bell curve.

Black Pigeon next explores how genetic engineering may be a solution to the problem of falling IQ levels in the West, as well as inherited disease, and could eventually lead to a society of superhumans.

Of course, this concept provokes two lines of opposition:

  1. The first essentially boils down to this; the national socialists did it, so we shouldn’t. Black Pigeon correctly analyses that the legacy of WW2, and what I would describe as the founding myth of the current order, the idea that racism, not socialism, cause the most devastating conflict in European history, creates an emotional reaction against certain practices. I would note that it hasn’t created an emotional reaction against environmental laws, the protection of animals, labour laws, the creation of motorways spanning the country, nor attempts by a foreign globalist power (the EU) to interfere in the sovereign affairs of Poland.
  2. The second opposition is a predictable consequence of this programmed emotional response; the fear that genetic engineering could produce a two-tiered system between the rich and the poor. Black Pigeon counters that this is pure Marxist ideology. The practitioners of the cult of equality would have us all wallowing in equal misery.

Meanwhile China, already a nation with an average IQ amongst the highest in the world, and unrestrained by the false dilemmas bickered over in the West, is racing ahead with genetic engineering.

I think the people of the West are sick of this issue being used as a political football. Rather than going through a lengthy, costly and hurtful process of public consultation, I believe the government should simply enact legislation to allow research into and practical applications of a process which most people support. It is the current year.