Quote of the Day: Based Poland defends actions to secure a future for its children


The following headline caught my eye this evening:

“Poland defends refugee ban, as EU threatens fines, sanctions.”

The first thing which occurs to me is that the EU is in no position to threaten anybody. If it wants to fine Poland for acting to ensure its survival as a nation, perhaps Poland might consider holding a little referendum.

“Poland’s deputy defence minister has cited security concerns in Europe as he tries to justify a move to gather data on foreigners visiting and living in the country.”

In other words, Poland’s defence minister has taken measures which any self-respecting defence official who cares about the security of his nation, (ie, doing his job) would do. Wish we could say the same about the head of ASIO.

“A mostly homogenous and Catholic nation, Poland is refusing to accept migrants from the Middle East and Africa.”

Wishing I was Polish.

“The stance has drawn condemnation from European Union leaders.

Naturally. Childless degenerate freaks.

“The Defence Ministry has requested from authorities in western Poland information on foreigners in their region. The request has drawn vehement criticism from the political opposition, which says such an approach equates foreigners with threats.”


A little further along:

“Alongside Hungary and Austria, it is one of only three countries not to have relocated a single refugee, “in breach of their legal obligations” and commitments.

“This cannot be the responsibility of just a few member states — this must be shared be all,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for migration.”

All member states must destroy themselves. If any European leaders don’t toe the line, our people may realise we are selling them out, riot, and put our heads on pikes.

“But Prime Minister Beata Szydło told a press conference there had been no formal agreement to compulsory quotas, which Hungary and Poland voted against.

A critical attitude towards the mechanism of migrant relocation is becoming increasingly widespread in the European Union,” she claimed, according to a translation by state broadcaster Poland Radio. Poland cannot accept refugees.”

Quote of the Day material, if ever I heard it. Europe is waking up.

“I call on Poland and Hungary who have not relocated a single person … to start doing so right now,” Mr Avramopoulos told reporters.

“If no action is taken by them before the next report in June, the Commission will not hesitate to make use of its powers under the treaties and to open infringement procedures.”

Again, the EU needs Poland far more than Poland needs the EU. I’m not surprised that Poland is a bastion of patriotism; of people who understand that identity matters. Poland is currently enjoying one of its brief interludes of independence, in between being used as an international superhighway for Western European and Russian armies. The Poles would also remember how the existence of sizeable ethnic minorities living within their borders can be used as a pretext for invasion.

Not this time. Not this time.

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