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The Age was in full denial mode on Friday in an apologist denial piece regarding the planned Christmas Day terror attacks on Melbourne landmarks and public places. The plan was reportedly inspired by Islamic State and “calculated to cause maximum grief and dismay.”

Seven people were arrested and so far at least three people have been charged: Abdullah Chaarani, 26, of Dallas, 21-year-old Hamza Abbas of Flemington and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamad of Meadow Heights. The names give you a clue as to the motivation behind said attacks.

Right away in the second paragraph, we can see exactly the direction the editorial wants to go, when discussing the wave of recent Islamic attacks across Europe, they had this to say:

“The majority have been crimes against humanity in the name of Islam, perpetrated by people whose beliefs and actions are rejected and reviled by the vast majority of Muslims.”

Only they aren’t rejected by “the vast majority of Muslims”. In fact, quite a large minority (and majority in many Islamic nations) sympathise with ISIS and support these attacks. Regardless, the idea that “well, they are in the minority therefore it’s not that bad,” is complete and utter lunacy. Besides, these attacks aren’t just “in the name of Islam”, they are directly inspired by the holy texts of Islam. There is a difference between doing something in the name of a book and doing something because a book literally told you to do it.

The article continues:

“While distant, all these attacks have fuelled anxiety of a kind not matched since the atrocities of September 11, 2001. That fear and anxiety hit home on Friday…”

So you see, the issue is that people are fearful and anxious. Not that there are a group of men inspired by their religion to attack innocent people, but that our “fear hit home” when we found out about it.

This is patronising nonsense, nothing but, “oh, the little people are afraid and this confirmed their fears! Now they might be even more afraid.”

The next few paragraphs are a pass; they offer thanks to the police who helped and point out where the attacks were going to take place. It almost seems like they might be a little bit reasonable. That is, until the last two paragraphs:

“Attacks, such as the one planned for Melbourne, are designed to create hate and division within our community. We must not give in to that hate.”

Hint, hint, don’t blame Islam, don’t give in to your “hate”, don’t point out the truth. It’s all about “dividing us” and setting us against each other. Therefore, we can’t speak the truth about what this attack actually was.

“Only by working together, Christian and Muslim, believer and non-believer, can we identify those in the community who wish to do us harm.”

Only it’s not non-Muslims that aren’t helping. How were these men radicalised? What inspired them? Why are they attacking us?

This is the perfect feel-good distraction from the real issue. It touches on the subject but then says, “but don’t give in to your hate,” – in other words, “don’t blame Islam, whatever you do, don’t blame Islam,” – but let’s look at the facts, shall we?

The attack was planned by Muslims, to be carried out in the name of Allah, and was inspired by ISIS, who are inspired by the direct words of the Quran.

In other news, hot days have nothing to do with the sun (hilarious that they actually say this too). The Berlin Christmas attack was the fault of the truck and Adam Saleh was removed from an aircraft for nothing but speaking Arabic… This has everything to do with Islam. Islam inspired the attack; if these men were Buddhists or Christians from the same nation they would not have planned the attack, that is a fact.

Fake news indeed.

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