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imageGone are the days of watching four or five television stations, several newspapers, and a couple of talk radio stations. Media used to be heavily regulated, and a lot became lost in translation. If you’re visiting XYZ, then clearly mainstream Australian media isn’t fully nourishing you, or talking about all of the things that you wish that it would talk about. There are some great mainstream conservative media commentators like Andrew Bolt or Ann Coulter, but I thought it better to focus on some of the new media networks and personalities that you may or may not not be familiar with. With that in mind, let’s take a brief look at some of the most interesting voices in alternate media today. This is a far more useful list for the XYZ reader than Buzzfeed’s ’21 Songs That Changed the Way Every Former Emo Kid Felt About Love’. In no particular order:

Anthony Cumia – was one half of Opie & Anthony, who were once shock jock rivals to Howard Stern. Following an incident involving African Americans and a subsequent Twitter tirade, Anthony was fired from Sirius Radio. Instead of going the usual grovelling contrite apology route, Cumia gave Sirius and hordes of social justice warriors the middle finger. What did he do? The radio host simply started his own online entertainment empire. The Anthony Cumia show is more ballsy than most shock jock type shows. His definition of politically incorrect isn’t the dick jokes of your usual shock jocks who talk the talk, but play it incredibly safe. Cumia’s no-nonsense talk would have Kyle and Jackie-O clutching their pearls in horror. You can check out The Best of the Anthony Cumia show on iTunes.

Gavin McInnes – is regarded as the Godfather of hipsterdom, and what could be more hipster in 2016 than identifying as Christian and conservative? Gavin’s very insightful essays on anything and everything of interest to centrists, conservatives, and libertarians can be found over at the excellent takimag.com. He can also be seen at The Rebel Media. Most recently, Gavin McInnes was given his own show at The Anthony Cumia Show. Gavin is like Anthony Cumia a genuine martyr in the conflict against social justice warriors. He lost his advertising firm because of an article about the transgender debate, but much like Pearl Harbour the left awoke a sleeping giant.

Kathy Shaidle – There’s something in the water in the Great White North. Canada gave us leftist lunacy in North America, but also spawned the likes of Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, and Kathy Shaidle. This feisty blogger founded www.fivefeetoffury.com, and is a prolific contributor at Takimag. Shaidle coined the nickname ‘Prime Minister Zoolander’ for Justin Trudeau, which is perhaps even more contagious and apt than Trump’s Lyin’ Ted or Crooked Hillary.

The Rubin Report – is the kind of show that the ABC would produce if they genuinely cared about representative programming for all Australians. Comedian Dave Rubin is a small-l liberal, but he recognises the damage being done by regressive leftism and even coined the term. The Rubin Report is a genuine home for ideas, as likely to give a forum to a fossil fuel advocate as it is to a climate change alarmist. Dave’s easygoing style is disarming and allows for genuine detailed analysis of a bunch of different ideas and topics. The great thing about Rubin is that he is endeavouring to use reason to try and drag the regressive left a little closer to the centre, and very much proves the old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Bret Easton Ellis – the American Psycho author regularly courts controversy by calling out the regressive left on their suppression of the arts. Like Dave Rubin, he doesn’t identify as conservative, but is dismayed at rise of Neo-fascism on ‘his side’. He has written several explosive articles on what he calls ‘Generation Snowflake’ (a term he coined for easily-triggered millennials), and his excellent podcast can be found at Podcastone.com, and iTunes.

Jim Goad – his book ‘The Redneck Manifesto’ is required reading for anybody. I read it at a tender age, and I credit it with solidifying my political leanings for life. Available from Amazon and other online book sellers, this comprehensive work obliterates the concept of white privilege so simply and concisely that it effectively neutralises any and all regressive left myths on the subject. Do what I do, and gift a copy to the Cultural Marxist in your life. It will shake them to the core, and cause them to question everything they hold dear. Goad is also notorious for his now defunct Answer Me! magazine, and his articles can mainly be seen over at Takimag along with an ensemble of other great contributors.

Breitbart – founded by the late Andrew Brietbart, breitbart.com is as unashamedly to the right as CNN is to the left, but at least they’re proud and honest about it. This is the site that spawned the Milo Yianoppolous phenomenon, which needs no introduction here. Sadly, Breitbart has become a compulsory go-to to fact-check U.S. Election ’16 claims made by mainstream media. It’s a tragedy for press credibility that things have become so corrupted in favour of Clinton that it has come to this, but thank God Breitbart are around. For now. Expect Hillary to shut them down faster than a Turkish dictator in democratic clothing as soon as she steals the election.

Nick Di Paolo – Nick, like Milo, is something of a unicorn. A comedian with conservative values. While that makes a lot of sense to those of us that get a chuckle out of Cultural Marxist claptrap, 99.999% of comics are either problem drinkers of regressive left Kool Aid, or too afraid to stray off the Cultural Marxist plantation. I first saw Nick on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on the Comedy Channel back in the day. A kind of Q&A for critical thinkers. These days, Nick is podcasting The Nick Di Paolo Show available on Riotcast.com, and iTunes. An hour of mainly political ranting, with a pinch of sports. There’s nothing quite like listening to a guy with a thick Boston accent railing against ‘progressive haws-shit’. Very entertaining stuff indeed.

Paul Joseph Watson – Alex Jones is a little like David Icke. He has same great theories and ideas, but they do require a lot of distillation to prevent them from degenerating into straw man arguments for Cultural Marxists and Neo-cons to discredit them as conspiracist lunacy. Infowars Editor at large Paul Joseph Watson has been responsible for a lot of the necessary distillation at Alex’s operation of late. Watson’s YouTube channel is very informative in its own right. It’s no accident that Infowars has become a lot more structured and a lot more credible under Watson’s influence. Definitely one to watch on the alt media scene.

The Joe Rogan Experience – like Dave Rubin, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan doesn’t identify as conservative, more centrist libertarian. These sensibilities make for an eclectic and lengthy podcast where Rogan sits down to shoot the proverbial with everyone from Rhonda Rousey to Milo Yianoppolous. His hunting guests drive the left persuasion of his audience crazy with all their inconvenient reason, and Rogan like Dave Rubin and other pod casters show how archaic and dated the traditional talk show format can look in comparison to this very free-form format.

Takimag – It would be remiss not to mention this conservative/libertarian website founded by journalist Taki Theodoracopulous, as so many of those profiled in this list are contributors there. Jim Goad, Gavin McInness, Kathy Shaidle… not to mention Theodore Dalrymple, Joe Bob Briggs, Pat Buchanan, Steve Sailer, David Cole, and others. I like to think of Takimag as a Huffington Post for conservatives, keeping up the good fight in the U.S.A much as XYZ does for Australia.

These are just a few voices of reason in new media that I think are well worth checking out. There are many more, and far too many to highlight in one article. Please feel free to comment below on any others that you think might appeal to the sensibilities of XYZ readers in search of more fresh opinions outside the realm of traditional media. You can never have too many voices of reason in new media.

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